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Brilliant Legacy or Shining Inheritance or Chanranhan Yusan — episodes 5 to 9

Well, Brilliant Legacy or Shining Inheritance or Chanranhan Yusan does seem to be improving slightly, but it’s still bedevilled by coincidences so I propose to lose some of the reverence in this spoiler-heavy review.

Let’s start with the more interesting stuff. Granny Jang Suk-Ja (Ban Hyo-Jeong) falls and is injured. The stress of dealing with the Brat, Seon Woo-Hwan (Lee Seung-Ki) has proved too much for her and, for a day or so, she loses her memory. Our Cinderella, Ko Eun-seong (Han Hyo-Joo) doesn’t hesitate and takes the poor old thing in. The first day, they run the stall together but, when talking about the money, Granny remembers. She calls home to reassure the butler she’s alright (in other series, the old retainers are always in love with their master/mistress — I’ll await developments on this front even though their ages look wrong). Thereafter, she’s playing the fox, deliberately provoking our good-hearted girl. There’s an impish look in her eye as she demolishes the landlady’s garden and sabotages the girl’s plan to go for a job interview. When it all blows up, Cinders says she regrets having met the old lady. But then thinks better of it and says Granny can stay as long as she wants. The girl knows what it’s like to be homeless and abandoned. She could never do that to Granny. In many fairy stories, we find Grannies who are reported as having big eyes and big teeth. At times, this old lady is tough, manipulative and not very nice to know. In other stories, we have a single act of kindness rewarded with riches. In this case, she puts the girl through the wringer to find out what she’s made of. This is a calculated and sustained test lasting a week. Her intentions may be good, but I can’t say I like Granny’s methods.

Lee Seung-Ki and Han Hyo-Joo showing it will all come out right in the end

Meanwhile, Evil Stepmother Paek Seong-hee (Kim Mi-Suk), is applying to Granny’s company as a franchisee and has her eye on Director Park Tae Soo (Choi Jung Woo) as a prospective mate. Independently, Ugly Sister, Yu Seung-Mi (Moon Chae-Won) applies for a job in management at Granny’s company — what with her being an MBA student and ambitious to marry the Brat.

Meanwhile, on the streets, Dead Dad, Ko Pyeong-Joong (Jeon In-Taek) continues to live in a vacuum. In some shots, there are posters reporting his son, Ko Eun-Woo (Yeon Jun-Seok) missing plastered on every on every lamppost and bus shelter for miles around the Seoul centre. His fake death has obviously affected his eyesight. To keep the contrivance going, he’s shown at the soup kitchen run by Buttons, Park Jun-Se (Bae Soo-Bin) and, but for the careful placement of empty eating vessels, he would have seen the posters waiting to be put up.

Ban Hyo-Jeong as Granny with her faithful retainer

So now Granny disappears from Cinders’ lowly pad and our heroine reports her missing at the local police station. Then the butler turns up and takes her to the family home. Wow! Is this a bombshell for everyone! Granny offer Cinders a home and promises to look for the missing brother. Mother and daughter are shocked. When the Brat finds out, he’s outraged and throws her out. Such is the path of true love in Korean drama. To everyone in the family, money is all that matters. All Granny need do is give the girl some cash to thank her for the good deed. Granny looks beyond the money and sees the girl did her good deed without any hope or expectation of reward. That makes her “special”. From the office, Granny has her staff call up Cinders and invite her in for an interview. What a surprise when she realises Granny is the owner of the business. Worse, Granny makes it a condition the girl moves back into the house before she will employ a team of investigators to look for her brother. She’s a real bully albeit with a heart of gold, I suppose. Another way of looking at all this is that Granny is using the girl as a lever to teach her lazy, thoughtless family a better attitude about life.

Bae Soo-Bin as the third wheel

Evil Stepmother is visiting the company to drop of her application for a franchise when she sees Granny and Cinders. She hides and then gets the inside dope from Director Park. Meanwhile, Ugly Sister finally sees a poster announcing the loss of her stepbrother. Her conscience is troubled. Now we come to the reunion. It’s the death anniversary, so Stepmother heads for the cemetery with her daughter in tow hoping to meet our girl. What a surprise! Stepmother is full of honied words explaining everything away and asking solicitously about her stepdaughter’s health. Ugly Sister is more sullen, demanding to know what’s happened to her stepbrother.

There’s a nice moment in Granny’s house where our girl demands to know whether the Brat was swopped at birth. How can such a nice Granny have a worthless creature like you? Later, after a second exchange, she prevails upon the sullen one to return her bag. I like the casual way Cinders punches the Brat. It shows an appropriate lack of respect, knowing he’s too much of a gentleman to strike back. Now she has to recover his bag from the Ugly Sister who’s strangely reluctant to give our girl the new address.

Kim Mi-Suk as the Evil Stepmother

Evil Stepmother swings into action. She bins the franchise application and corners our girl for a tête-à-tête. She explains the boy the Ugly Sister has been mooning about for years is the Brat (incredible this bit of information has been kept a secret for so long). Sooner or later, a marriage is expected, but it will never take place if our girl reveals that her father died a bankrupt. The family would not be of the right status to marry into the beef soup empire. So our girl agrees to keep it quiet for the sake of her stepsister. Sucker!

So everything is looking great for Stepmother until Dead Dad materialises in the car park after her beauty treatment. Now that’s a shocker but, maintaining her calm, she’s fast with the lie that his two kids have left for the US with their share of the insurance money. See what I mean about those invisible posters. This is just carrying plot contrivance too far. If Stepmother had anything about her, she would give Dead Dad a poisoned apple and send him to sleep for a hundred years (or until a frog kissed him).

After a rousing induction into the company, our girl is sent out as a trainee to the same restaurant where the Brat made such a strong impression. And she’s determined to become financially independent, delivering milk before setting off for work at the restaurant. And refusing pocket money from Granny. Except, lazy mother gives her the task of returning a mobile. Little does she know. . . Fortunately, Ugly Sister is as quick with the lies as her mother. Now it’s all down to Stepmother to pay Dead Dad to go away. He’s stunned she could be so heartless and refuses the money. The lies are flowing thick and fast now. Can it really be so easy to manipulate people?

Events accelerate. Granny has another indication her health is failing, gets further evidence of the Brat’s thoughtless behaviour, and sees the waste of all the clothes bought by her own daughter and granddaughter. Now’s the time to shake things up. Granny issues instructions to the wastrels they must either work in the company or be cut off without a penny. More importantly, she tells them (but not Cinders herself) that the girl is to inherit the company. Director Park is consulted and advises the family should cooperate for now and get back into Granny’s good books. Needless to say the Brat is distinctly unhappy and deeply suspicious of the girl, believing she must be conning Granny.

Meanwhile Buttons is taking Dead Dad in hand — he’s definitely looking peaky and in need of help. He also buys our girl a bike and seems ready to tell her he’s rich. They arrange to meet on Sunday. When she arrives “home”, the Brat is leaving, having refused the instruction to return to the restaurant where he behaved so badly. His mother and sister have decided to cooperate, but are outraged when Granny takes their credit cards and gives them a small amount in hand against their wages. It turns out the daughter cannot cut radishes to make kimchi and the granddaughter is useless at waiting on tables. This leaves the Brat wasting his cash on a karaoke session with useless hangers-on and then staying in a hotel. Ugly Sister offers him her credit card. Stepmother reckons this is the Ugly Sister’s chance to get the Brat dependent on her and so marry her.

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