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Brilliant Legacy or Shining Inheritance or Chanranhan Yusan — episodes 10 to 14

This is a spoiler-rich discussion of what happens in these episodes so do not read this post if you want the experience of watching the serial unfold onscreen. Further, these episode numbers are based on the terrestrial broadcasts I have seen and not on downloaded or DVD episodes. It’s possible that these numbers do not match your experience.

So Buttons Park Jun-Se (Bae Soo-Bin) is ready to tell Cinders Ko Eun-seong (Han Hyo-Joo) he’s rich, but he doesn’t have the chance as the news is blurted out by Daft Granddaughter Seon Woo-Jeong (Han Ye-Won). Now he’s in the dog house for not telling Cinders immediately the lies became unnecessary. I’m completely lost on this issue. Cinders comes from a rich background that paid for her to study abroad. The whole family lived in relatively luxurious circumstances. How come she’s suddenly so down on a man for pretending to be poor? It seems somewhat hypocritical after only a few days of poverty. I’m also uncertain as to Korean accents and behavioural norms. Does Cinders not speak and act in a way that shows her as being from a privileged background? Could she not equally place both Granny Jang Suk-Ja (Ban Hyo-Jeong) and Buttons as being similarly well-off? The whole set-up feels fake.

Han Hyo-Joo — down but not out

Meanwhile, back at the plot, Buttons has found a part-time job for Dead Dad Ko Pyeong-Joong (Jeon In-Taek). That’s going to count for something when he gets to Heaven’s Gate. In another part of town, the Brat Seon Woo-Hwan (Lee Seung-Ki) is putting up at a hotel without any credit cards and not enough cash. That means a trip to view the inside of a police cell. Granny hardens her heart and refuses any financial help, so Buttons is summoned to bail him out — he’s a useful guy to have at the end of a telephone. Now the Brat is caught between humiliation and pride. Forced to agree to work in the restaurant, he takes a premium cab and arrives without enough money to pay the fare. This means he’s sponging off Cinders again except, this time, he accuses her of knowing she’s going to inherit everything. Wow! That’s a big surprise! He then spends a miserable day finding out just how hard the work is. When Cinders gets back to the ranch, Granny admits the plot to Cinders and gets her to agree to confirm the inheritance to the family. In return, she doubles the number of men searching for the missing brother Ko Eun-Woo (Yeon Jun-Seok).

Evil Stepmother Paek Seong-hee (Kim Mi-Suk) has persuaded Director Park Tae Soo (Choi Jung Woo) to help by getting her a franchise selling upmarket furniture. She’s doing her best to get him into bed but Ugly Sister Yu Seung-Mi (Moon Chae-Won) is unhappy her mother is so quick to forget Dead Dad. Evil Stepmother bewails she must do all this to keep her daughter in the running to marry the Brat and makes her feel guilty, but Stepmother is having nightmares Dead Dad will ruin everything.

Lee Seung-Ki and Moon Chae-Won — just good friends

Buttons tries to get back into Cinders’ good books by saying he’s angry with himself for not having the courage to tell her he’s the son of a rich father. He feared what actually happened, namely she would reject him for lying. After thought, she agrees to treat him as an elder brother dropped from Heaven. Meanwhile Cinders is acting as a loan shark and demanding repayment of all the Brat owes. She’s started by extracting taxi and bus fare. This is going to be tough for the Brat particularly as she’s told to mentor him at work. Ugly Sister turns up with lunch which makes the Brat feel better. Paranoia infects Evil Stepmother who fears Granny may be trying to make the Brat and Cinders a couple.

Cinders tells the Brat the day he messed her around not returning the bag was the day her father died. She cries for him which penetrates his selfish head. He then hears her talking on the phone and mentioning the Ugly Sister’s name which puzzles him.

To move Cinders out of temptation’s way, Evil Stepmother offers our girl a studio apartment. This is rejected. Cinders explains that Granny is searching for her lost brother as condition of her residence. Naturally Evil Stepmother tries to turn Cinders against Granny, saying her men won’t try hard to find the missing boy. But our girl asserts trust in Granny and refuses to move out. Now Ugly Sister has found out the apartment where they live is in her name. This is a shock. Evil Stepmother is clear. She drove Cinders and her brother away because she won’t sacrifice herself for anyone other than her daughter. After consulting with the Brat, Ugly Sister decides to stop being the obedient daughter. Her decision to put the apartment up for sale is a masterstroke of rebellion. Independently, Evil Stepmother decides she will get her autistic stepson back but, as you expect in Korean dramas, she hits a problem.

Bae Soo-Bin on the right side of the bars

The Brat burns himself at work, inspiring Cinders to help him, an act of kindness he repays by pulling her off a ladder. As a result, Cinders sprains her ankle. Granny uses this as an excuse to force him to drive Cinders to celebrate her mother’s death anniversary. Buttons makes himself useful by helping her buy the food for the death anniversary celebration. Dead Dad is also headed that way, as you would expect in a story relying so heavily on coincidence. At least Dead Dad now knows Cinders is still in the country. This frustrates him because Evil Stepmother promised to email him with news, except there’s been no email. Now if only he hadn’t the defective eyesight evidenced by his continuing failure to see notices reporting his autistic son missing, he could have noted down the licence plate number of the Brat’s car as it drove away from the cemetery and we could have bought this drama to a merciful end. Meanwhile Evil Stepmother is doing well with her franchise selling furniture. More generally, the Brat has no concept of service at the restaurant, splashing kimchi sauce over a customer.

Jeon In-Taek and Kim Mi-Suk — married while hubby is dead

Daft Granddaughter wangles out of working for Granny and lines up for work with Buttons at his restaurant. He’s unsympathetic and offers her less pay than she earned at Granny’s. Cinders’ friend Lee Hye-Ri (Min Yeong-Won) is also working there and will give a good as she gets. Waster daughter-in-law Oh Yeong-Ran (Yu Ji-In) thinks she’s on to a winner when Granny agrees to let her stay home and do the housework. Unfortunately, the loyal retainer Pyo Seong-Cheol (Lee Seung-Hyeong) wants her up at six to set the table for breakfast, and then there’s the vacuuming and washing to do.

Ugly Sister has sold the apartment, proposes to give the proceeds of sale to Cinders, and ask for forgiveness. This is fortuitous timing because Dead Dad has the address and comes to demand information about Cinders. This shocks the Ugly Sister who thought him dead, and all she can do is stand there and listen to her mother lie. Dead Dad has tracked Evil Stepmother down from the car. Fascinating inconsistency that he can’t do the same with the Brat’s car.

The Brat finally sees Cinders as a woman wearing a short dress and high heels. This turns his head. Jin Yeong-Seok (Jung Suk-Won), the closest thing the Brat’s has to a friend among all the hangers-on, opens a bar. By coincidence, it has a piano in the corner that no-one has played for years. Now all we need is the right person to play it.

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