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Brilliant Legacy or Shining Inheritance or Chanranhan Yusan — episodes 25 to 28

This is a spoiler-rich discussion of what happens in these episodes so do not read this post if you want the experience of watching the serial unfold onscreen. Further, these episode numbers are based on the terrestrial broadcasts I have seen and not on downloaded or DVD episodes. It’s possible that these numbers do not match your experience.

With Cinders Ko Eun-seong (Han Hyo-Joo) standing the middle of the road, we’re allowed a brief flashback as the Brat Seon Woo-Hwan (Lee Seung-Ki) comes to her rescue. He snatches her from in front of the oncoming truck (Korean drivers never seem to slow down or try to take evasive action — it’s death or glory for them). Now we have a better view of how his father came to die, we’re expected to be even more sympathetic to the poor boy. Fancy having to carry all that angst around inside for so long. Not that his father’s death was insignificant, you understand. But this is all very convenient psychology by the scriptwriters.

Han Hyo-Joo and Lee Seung-Ki showing their close working relationship out in the field

Now our happy couple-in-waiting are alerted to mutual physical attraction, they have an issue to nip in the bud. So, in later discussions, we have Cinders telling the Brat he’s been promised to Ugly Sister Yu Seung-Mi’s (Moon Chae-Won) and she’s not going to come between them, while Buttons Park Jun-Se (Bae Soo-Bin) formally tells the Brat he’s in love with Cinders and would prefer it if the Brat lived up to his nickname and kept his distance. The best the Brat can do is confess his love to Ko Eun-Woo (Yeon Jun-Seok). He calls the girl “Spy” which our heroic piano player thinks is a pretty name. It’s just frustrating scriptwriting to have the future brothers-in-law sit down for a meal and watch the Brat fail to use Cinders’ real name. I know the whole plot would be short-circuited, but that would be better than this artificial rubbish. This is not Korean drama at its best!

Lee Seung-Ki and Yeon Jun-Seok discuss Spy over drinks

Now we’ve got another of these pesky coincidences. Of all the beef soup shops in all the towns, in all the world, an ex-friend of Dead Dad Ko Pyeong-Joong (Jeon In-Taek) walks into the second restaurant and happens to recognise Cinders. He asks why she’s working there when there was such a big insurance payout. This puts Cinders into a tailspin. She goes round to the insurance company and finds out how she was cheated. When she was in grief, Evil Stepmother Paek Seong-hee (Kim Mi-Suk) asked her to write out a power of attorney, “for the funeral arrangements”. When making the claim at the insurance company, Evil Stepmother had a minion at the end of a telephone number pretending to be Cinders and confirming the power’s validity. When she confronts Evil Stepmother, the story is that all the money went to pay off her father’s creditors and there’s nothing left. Depressed, she sits in a park as night draws in. The Brat panics when she misses a meeting with him and doesn’t come home. He rings Buttons and he goes to see Cinder’s friend Lee Hye-Ri (Min Yeong-Won). Finally, he gets a little more of the backstory from her. Eventually, Cinders goes back to Granny’s place to find the Brat pacing anxiously outside.

Moon Chae-Won starting to see she's losing the race

After a day working to sell meals to a Church when they clean the public spaces without being asked and impress the Pastor who watches unobserved, the Brat brings lunch for Cinders and then sees her home. Surprisingly, Evil Stepmother and Ugly Sister now appear demanding to talk to the family. They tell a version of the truth which has Cinders picking out Granny Jang Suk-Ja (Ban Hyo-Jeong) as a target and then wheedling her way inside. They produce documents to “prove” their case including the power of attorney in Cinders’ own handwriting. Waster Daughter-in-law Oh Yeong-Ran (Yu Ji-In) is so outraged, she slaps Cinders and with Draft Granddaughter Seon Woo-Jeong (Han Ye-Won) egging her on, they demand she leaves. Rather than stand and fight for her good name, she packs a small case and goes to Lee Hye-Ri (Min Yeong-Won) who, in turn, calls Buttons. He’s all ready to sue everyone in sight — it comes of having a law degree and an inflated idea of his ability to litigate even though he’s never actually sued anyone in anger before.

When Cinders tries to resign, Granny brushes it aside and demands she prove herself at the second restaurant. This forces her back to working with the Brat and, as further evidence they will get together, she complains she has lost her mother’s necklace. Not only does he buy her a replacement, but also gets up at the crack of dawn to deliver her bicycle. Now that’s love in action. As it’s his first payday, the Brat is persuaded to buy Granny a present and Cinders guides him. Granny is overcome that the boy has shown such kindness. Even the Brat is beginning to see the upsides of a healthy emotional interaction with his family. When talking with the loyal retainer Pyo Seong-Cheol (Lee Seung-Hyeong), Granny says she’s on a mission from God to establish the truth about Cinders. It’s going to interesting to watch what she does.

Kim Mi-Suk feeling not everything is going her way

When the dynamic duo hear they have won the Church contract, Cinders takes the Brat out for a drink and a snack. Unfortunately, for reasons only the scriptwriters seem to understand, she returns the necklace and leaves. He stays on and drinks himself into a state. Cinders is therefore disconcerted when he batters on her door and then collapses on top of her. After a disturbed night with him on her bedding and she sleeping in a chair, she leaves him with breakfast. A nice touch of thoughtfulness there.

Now we’re into the big deal that will lift the second restaurant over the 20% margin — being old, I don’t understand any of this because a small outlet can’t produce and supply bulk food orders. I would expect the food to come from the factory. So attributing the turnover to the restaurant looks decidedly screwy. Anyway, Cinders has found out about a big contract to bid on and wants to modify the official proposal produced by Head Office. This is just as well because Park Tae Soo (Choi Jung Woo) is out to sabotage the deal and has already leaked the proposal to a rival. Granny refuses to decide when Cinders makes her pitch but has a minion redraft the proposal in secret. Now our dynamic duo are off to the coast. Granny sends the Ugly Sister after them with a copy of the amended proposal. Buttons will be there as well. A big crisis is on the horizon.

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