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Brilliant Legacy or Shining Inheritance or Chanranhan Yusan — episodes 29 to 33

This is a spoiler-rich discussion of what happens in these episodes so do not read this post if you want the experience of watching the serial unfold onscreen. Further, these episode numbers are based on the terrestrial broadcasts I have seen and not on downloaded or DVD episodes. It’s possible that these numbers do not match your experience.

Well, here we are at the seaside and Buttons Park Jun-Se (Bae Soo-Bin) makes his big pitch for love. He’s already declared he can’t stand by and be a “brother”. He wants it all and, to seal the deal, he walks himself and the three other interested parties up to the top of a cliff (just in case there’s a desire to try a lemming-style suicide leap) and offers Cinders Ko Eun-seong (Han Hyo-Joo) a share in running his expanding food empire with a cruise restaurant on the horizon. This puts a distinct crimp in the good humour previously enjoyed by the Brat Seon Woo-Hwan (Lee Seung-Ki). Buttons then marches them back down the hill to a caravan park where he’s booked them into two caravans — but the Brat is back in everyone’s good books when he remembers Cinders is allergic to clams. He’s an observant little Brat after all. The Ugly Sister Yu Seung-Mi’s (Moon Chae-Won) makes a vague gesture at a peace offering but is roundly rejected.

Cinders (Han Hyo-Joo) and the Brat (Lee Seung-Ki) kiss on the bridge

Granny Jang Suk-Ja (Ban Hyo-Jeong) has a bad headache and is amused when she learns all four are by the seaside. Sharing a caravan with the Ugly Sister is too much so Cinders walks out into the night. Equally, the Brat was not inclined to sleep alongside Buttons so is lying on a bench outside. He follows. Then the Ugly Sister wakes and now the cat is among the pigeons. On a romantic bridge, the Brat finally kisses Cinders who, by the way, has decided to wear the necklace he gave her. She then pushes him away. To cut a long story short, everyone is now depressed. They make their pitch for the contract, then the Ugly Sister collapses from “fatigue” and has the Brat drive her home. Buttons drives Cinders home but he’s even more hang dog. In a later confrontation with the Brat, Buttons hits the Brat twice and tells him he will only hurt Cinders unless he clarifies the relationship with the Ugly Sister. This man has a great future as a relationship counsellor.

Han Ye-Won and Yu Ji-In for once not the comic relief in hospital

Interestingly, the Evil Stepmother Paek Seong-hee (Kim Mi-Suk) is almost honest with Director Park Tae Soo (Choi Jung Woo) but then switches gear and tells him the Brat fancies Cinders. What will happen, she asks if the Brat marries the heiress. She’s out to incite Park to depose Granny. Meanwhile, the loyal retainer Pyo Seong-Cheol (Lee Seung-Hyeong) is digging into the past for Granny. He’s got interesting news that seems to confirm what the Evil Stepmother said about paying off the creditors, but he’s gonna keep on digging until he gets to the bottom of it all. Some servants are really useful.

The Brat now returns the necklace lost at Granny’s house and tells Cinders he’s seen a young piano player wearing something similar. Unfortunately he’s still caught up in the story it’s his sidekick’s cousin and not Ko Eun-Woo (Yeon Jun-Seok). The Brat now has an epiphany as he delivers a single serving of soup to a poor couple. He finally appreciates how fixated he was by money. Working for and among the peasants is good for the rich boy’ soul.

Granny and Director Park have a row. He’s upset she sidestepped him on the bid. Meanwhile the Evil Stepmother is out spreading rumours about Granny giving the ownership of the company away. After Waster Daughter-in-law Oh Yeong-Ran (Yu Ji-In) manages to cook a great evening meal, Granny congratulates her and then collapses. This prompts a telephone call to the Brat who was just about to introduce Cinders to her brother. Funny how these things happen in Korean drama when the scriptwriters want to make fake drama. Now we’re coming into the final section of the race and Granny is out for the count. It will be down to our heroes to save the day. It doesn’t start well with three loud voices (Daft Granddaughter Seon Woo-Jeong (Han Ye-Won), Waster Daughter-in-law and Director Park) telling Cinders to leave the hospital. She loiters tearfully outside and then hears the Brat berating the loyal retainer for not telling the family Granny has early stage symptoms of Alzheimer’s. The loyal retainer shoots back that, seeing the way the family was treating her when they thought she was “normal”, how would they have responded if they had thought her mad.

Ban Hyo-Jeong as Granny at bay in the EGM

The serial now descends into hopeless melodrama as Granny surfaces then passes back into a week-long coma. Various people come and go, asking desperate questions about Granny’s health and fighting over whether there should be an early challenge to the will. In the end, the Brat sneaks Cinders into the ward. They both weep all over the blankets (as if the humidifier was not throwing out enough moisture into the room). She’s followed by the Brat who wails even longer and louder telling Granny how he came to cause his father’s death. In the morning, our pair are sleeping by the bedside as Granny wakes up. Hard to tell whether Granny is pleased with this development — the tea cosy she’s forced to wear just makes her look silly rather than wise. Independently, our love birds now clear the decks for real action. The Brat finally tells the Ugly Sister she’s never cut the mustard and, anyway, he thinks she’s lying through her teeth about Cinders. He gives her chapter and verse about past events as evidence. Meanwhile, Cinders is finally rejecting Buttons and his offer of shared glory in a new restaurant venture. More importantly, Cinders also rejects a tearful Ugly Sister who begs for help in getting back into the Brat’s good books.

Bae Soo-Bin as Buttons deciding how to vote

We then have a drunken Buttons unloading his sadness on to the shoulders of Dead Dad Ko Pyeong-Joong (Jeon In-Taek). It’s wholly consistent with the rest of the absurdity in this serial that he never once gives sufficient details to enable Dead Dad to identify Cinders. This is one of the worst moments in the serial so far. How can two drunken men fail to mention the key girl by name?

The conspirators of Evil Stepmother and Director Park then reach the climax of their planning with the extraordinary general meeting to oust Granny. Cinders and the Brat get all the loyal staff to agree to a pay cut and rush to the meeting with proxy forms signed. Meanwhile, the Ugly Sister has discovered the false accounting and tries to blackmail Buttons into voting Granny out. It’s either Granny out or she’ll blow the whistle on his father’s false accounting and send him to jail. At last, she’s living up to her mother’s high expectation of evilness. When it comes to the vote, Buttons abstains and Granny triumphs.

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