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Painted Skin or Hua Pi (2011) — episodes 12 to 19

Well, times have not been easy for the vixen Xiao Wei (Fiona Sit). She’s on the run and looking the worse for wear with her flesh starting to break down for lack of food. Demons, you understand, must eat the odd human or two if they want to stay healthy. Her abstinence, while laudable, is possibly going to be fatal. Taken in my by an unsuspecting family, she finally gives into temptation and takes the skin of Xiao Hong (Yang Mi) the maiden of the house. As she makes her attack, a lizard demon Xiao Yi Yi (Dong Ao Yan) who loves the maiden from afar, intervenes but is not strong enough to prevent the killing. Because our vixen now looks like the maiden, the lizard transfers his affection. Some demons are really shallow creatures. He brings her a human heart to eat, but she decides the best food is from someone who loves her. Fortuitously, the maiden is about to be married so this gives her the chance. As she sets off in the wedding procession, Xia Bing (Wu Ying Jie), the granddaughter exorcist, comes into the area. She has a magic lantern that glows red when a demon is near. When it takes her close to the wedding cortège, the vixen uses her powers to disturb a nest of hornets which keeps the exorcist away.

Xiao Wei (Fiona Sit) as the vixen demon lurking

Meanwhile, our unhappy couple of Wang Sheng (Ling Xiao Su) and Pei Rong (Chen Yi Rong) have not married. No-one apart from Linlin and her new husband approve of the relationship. After a year, Pang Yong (Li Zong Han) appears and asks two questions: to the first, “have you ever loved me?” she makes no reply; to the second, “do you like him?” she replies in the affirmative. He leaves but returns when the couple finally decide to go through a second marriage ceremony. There’s a short fight where Pang Yong demonstrates he has the better physical skills to protect Pei Rong, but when Wang Sheng says he matches him in love, Pang Yong wanders off into the night leaving his guan dao as a wedding gift.

Our vixen is having trouble persuading her new husband that she’s the same lovable girl he wanted to marry. She may have the looks but not the winning personality. When she tries to use magic to cook and weave for him, she exhausts her energy and her new skin starts to degrade. The harder she tries, the more she proves she’s not the girl he expected to marry. In the end, she attacks him in frustration that he fails to love “her”, and then wanders off, followed by the lizard who’s still superficial and hooked only on appearance. Our vixen allows herself to be captured by a group of bandits led by Shao Luo (Zhao Yi). His wife died and he can’t forget her but she covets him. She eats the heart of the second-in-command and blames masked attackers. She fakes a wound on her arm and Shao Luo decides to be “protective” towards her. He heals her “wound”. Saying she’s lost everything, she offers to stay on as his maid — that’s demon speak for mistress.

Two years after the marriage our couple remain unhappy, missing Pang Yong and wishing they could go back in time.

Pei Rong (Chen Yi Rong) looking decorative

Xia Bing is still wandering the countryside (and deserts) in search of the vixen. The desire for revenge is a powerful motivator. Now Wang Sheng and his troops are also in the desert looking for more bandits to kill. In yet another sneak attack (does this man have no shame as a military commander?) Wang Sheng makes good progress, kills the bandits and “rescues” the vixen. Funny how fate works out. Now the vixen is living in the same house as Wang Sheng and Pei Rong, burrowing from within. She’s learning to cook and whittle wood from Wang Sheng and grows interested in Pei Rong’s beauty business. There’s just one problem. The lizard demon doesn’t like the wet weather and isn’t going out to look for hearts. Her skin is starting to peel. Fortunately, Pei Rong’s business is the manufacture and sale of cosmetics. They cover up a lot of the skin problems.

When there’s a fire in the house next door, Wang Sheng discovers he’s afraid of fire after the destruction of his home town by the bandits. The vixen counsels him and probably calls down the spirits of his mother and father to comfort him. Linlin warns Pei Rong against this beautiful person in their home so Pei Rong responds by making the vixen her sister and organising a search for a suitable husband. After all, the vixen is entitled to find her own happiness in marriage (and it gets her out of the house). This section has been slow moving as patterns of jealousy form and are dispersed. So far, Ling Xiao Su as Wang Sheng remains wooden and so is unmoved by the vixen although they did manage a hug at the graves of his parents. That’s always the best way to thank your counsellor for doing a good job at talking you through a crisis of confidence.

Wang Sheng (Ling Xiao Su) protests having to wear a silly hat

Now the issue of marrying off the vixen comes between the happy couple only for the vixen herself to agree to marry their choice. As she says, they are both beholden to her now for getting them back together. The demon lizard is getting into the spirit of this search for love and, to protect himself and the vixen from suspicion, he frees a local killer who took the heart of his victim out of revenge. When the lizard kills, all the locals believe this is the work of the same killer, except no-one can understand why he should continue to take hearts (including the intended husband for the vixen — odd coincidence he should be one of the victims). Wang Sheng is on the case and tracks our lizard to a cave. Having absorbed the villain’s sword style, the lizard beats Wang Sheng and leaves him for dead. Our vixen knows where he is, uses some of her demon power to stabilise his condition, and then drags him back to the city — she’s trying really hard to win him over.

The city is up in arms and, with Wang Sheng their leader, the troops and police combine forces. When the lizard attacks Wang Sheng again, the vixen saves him by making it rain. But this exhausts her and she refuses the lizard’s help to get a restorative heart. Pei Rong sees her take off her skin to do a running repair job with cosmetics. Now, the cat is among the pigeons (as opposed to the fox among the hens) if only she can make anyone else believe. She leaves home out of fear while Wang Sheng haunts the streets hoping the killer will appear again — Wang Sheng is a sucker for punishment. Shame he doesn’t believe in demons.

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