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Brilliant Legacy or Shining Inheritance or Chanranhan Yusan — episodes 34 to end

This is a spoiler-rich discussion of what happens in these episodes so do not read this post if you want the experience of watching the serial unfold onscreen. Further, these episode numbers are based on the terrestrial broadcasts I have seen and not on downloaded or DVD episodes. It’s possible that these numbers do not match your experience.

So now we have Granny Jang Suk-Ja (Ban Hyo-Jeong) out of immediate danger in the boardroom, the scriptwriters allow the dust to settle. Buttons Park Jun-Se (Bae Soo-Bin), bless his cotton socks, reassures the Ugly Sister Yu Seung-Mi (Moon Chae-Won) he will not report her to the police for trying to blackmail him. He also faces down his father Park Tae Soo (Choi Jung Woo) who’s a mite peaky that his son was less than loyal. Finally, Buttons goes round to see Granny and asks her to allow his father to resign with dignity. It’s good to see Granny smile. She’s sad a hard-working director proved to be a bad egg, but delighted to see he raised a son with high-minded principles. This prompts Granny to sweep the false accounting under the table. So long as Director Park returns the money, there will be no police report. He’s free to go. In turn, Director Park reassures Evil Stepmother Paek Seong-hee (Kim Mi-Suk) that he will shield her. No-one will ever know she was the one doing all the market manipulation, spreading false rumours and driving down the share price.

Evil Stepmother (Kim Mi-Suk) gives back the money

Cinders Ko Eun-seong (Han Hyo-Joo) searches for Buttons to comfort him in his hour of need yet, when she eventually catches up with him, his pride gets in the way. He did what he did with no expectation she should feel obliged to return the favour. When Granny calls for a family meeting including Cinders, she repeats her intention to give the company to Cinders. At this point, Cinders tells everyone she will not accept. She never was in it for the money and lacks the confidence she can do all the boardroom stuff. Granny is discombobulated. She has no Plan B. Cinders speaks up for the Brat Seon Woo-Hwan (Lee Seung-Ki) and they agree he’s maturing. There must be others, says Cinders brightly.

Ko Eun-Woo (Yeon Jun-Seok) back with Cinders (Han Hyo-Joo)

Meanwhile, Ugly Sister is even more deeply troubled by her conscience and so tells mother she will confess to the Brat she’s been lying. All she wants now is a quiet life. This is adding to the family woes. Dead Dad Ko Pyeong-Joong (Jeon In-Taek) has finally seen one of the flyers showing his son is missing. He’s also announced he’s going to give himself up to the police and gives the family a day or two to put their house in order before having to return all the money. Accepting the end is nigh, the Ugly Sister calls the Brat. Using her birthday as an excuse for a meeting, she agrees to meet him at the bar where her brother-in-law Ko Eun-Woo (Yeon Jun-Seok) plays. As she approaches, she sees the Brat taking her brother out to buy him some chocolate milk.

She tells her mother and this triggers intense activity. Having confirmed where the boy can be found, she contacts Cinders and tells her she will give her an air ticket and a chunk of cash to take the boy to America. When Cinders says she doesn’t trust Evil Stepmother, an actual ticket and cash is handed over. The route is through Japan. Evil Stepmother promises to hand the boy over in Tokyo. If she fails to deliver, Cinders has the cash to turn round, come back to Korea and let loose the dogs of war. To spend the last days in Korea, she says goodbye to Granny and takes the Brat out on a date — if you count discount cinema seats at 0900 a date.

Cinders (Han Hyo-Joo) says goodbye to Granny (Ban Hyo-Jeong)

The next day sees Cinders on the way to the airport and a private investigator picking up the boy. Unfortunately, before he can deliver him to Evil Stepmother, he jumps out of the car and runs away. The Brat goes into work only to find Cinders has resigned. He’s now running around to find out what happens to her and, in desperation, contacts Buttons who just happens to have Lee Hye-Ri (Min Yeong-Won) standing beside him. She tells the Brat that Cinders has taken her passport. Now he too is headed for the airport looking for answers. Because this is close to the end, Dead Dad also turns up at the restaurant to ask Buttons for his help. Lee Hye-Ri looks at him strangely but the scriptwriters do not allow her to blurt out, “But you’re dead!” or other helpful comments on his appearance. She must be serving tea before the penny drops. Coincidentally, what he says as he sits down also has Buttons in full shock mode. Now, as by magic, everyone is in the airport and it’s the Brat who manages to drag Cinders back through the gate — very poor airport security as no-one challenges the Brat’s behaviour. Then there’s an amazed but tearful reunion and everyone repairs to Granny’s house. Being a wily old bird (like the Roadrunner) she has Waster Daughter-in-law Oh Yeong-Ran (Yu Ji-In) call Evil Stepmother for a meeting. Confronted by Cinders and Dead Dad, she denies everything and leaves with our loyal retainer Pyo Seong-Cheol (Lee Seung-Hyeong) trailing behind. Now she’s packing and getting ready to do a runner. Meanwhile the Brat acts as only scriptwriters in Korean drama can dictate. A sane young man asks to see a photograph of the boy and confirms his identity. But no, he must run off to the bar without a word of explanation, get an admission from his sidekick that the boy has disappeared and is not a relative. Now he runs around the piano schools and shops in the area until he checks a local church. Again, with no word by telephone to reassure Cinders and Dead Dad, he loads the boy into a car and takes him home. This goes beyond absurd because the script has Cinders and Dead Dad leaving. He’s only “just in time” to stop them.

Buttons looks on with Dead Dad and Cinders finally back together

Well, we’re in meltdown mode now. Ugly Sister is able to stop Evil Stepmother from jumping off the nearest tall building. With Director Park (ex-lawyer and only just avoiding jail himself) by his side, Dead Dad gives himself up. Rescued from the ledge, Evil Stepmother gives back all the money to the insurance company and sells everything up to give every cent she has to Dead Dad. He doesn’t have the heart to send her to jail. Cinders also lets Ugly Sister off with one slap and a sad smile. Now we’re all set up for Cinders to confirm a relationship with the Brat. After some negotiation, this is all arranged. Cinders will go to the US to complete her studies and the Brat will follow to research opening a beef soup outlet close to wherever Cinders is. Granny gives Dead Dad the building contract for accommodation blocks to house the workers. She also converts the company to a co-operative and gives away all her shares to the workers. Ugly Sister and Evil Stepmother end up in the countryside not completely unhappy with the simple life, while sidekick bar owner is black and blue having been beaten by both the Brat and Cinders for lying about Ko. Oh yes, and Waster and the loyal retainer will probably marry, while Daft Granddaughter Seon Woo-Jeong (Han Ye-Won) starts looking for work.

Cinders (Han Hyo-Joo) tells the Brat (Lee Seung-Ki) she loves him

The story itself has been quite good but the the reliance on coincidence to manufacture completely unnecessary drama has been embarrassingly bad. It’s a shame. The performances from Han Hyo-Joo, Bae Soo-Bin, Kim Mi-Suk, Moon Chae-Won and Ban Hyo-Jeong) have been outstanding. Lee Seung-Ki has been slightly less impressive. The themes of virtue triumphing over evil and the need to look beyond money and status to the value in people have been reassuringly modern in feel. Overall, it’s been a slightly better than average serial except the music. Other Korean dramas have spent the money to produce a reasonable range of different music to push out as background. This serial has one or two songs and they are belted out regardless whether the fit the mood of the scenes.

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