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The Fugitive: Plan B or Domangja Plan B — the third act

Well here we go with the third summary of this increasingly silly serial. There’s attempted humour as the corrupt police push Detective Do Soo (Jeong-jin Lee) and his group through disciplinary proceedings. Meanwhile Kai (Daniel Henney) goes to see the son of General Wei (Ti Lung) who’s about to run in the presidential elections. When the General hears of this, he instructs Kai’s secretary Sophie (Kim Soo Hyun) to kill Kai at the first available opportunity — poison is handed off to her in the hotel lift and the countdown to betrayal begins. Except, of course, she’s been mooning over Daniel Henney from the moment he walked on to the set, so I expect he’ll be safe for a while longer.

Daniel Henney before losing control of the situation

The hunt for the gold is also getting more intense as both Ji Woo (Rain) and Nakamura (Sung Dong Il) access the database of photographs from the US investigation into the death of the parents of Jin Yi (Na-yeong Lee) to find the bank note. The key is evidently the serial number which is a longitude/latitude. But which way round is it? Ji Woo takes it the way it’s written but, to offer some protection to Nakamura, he arranges a metting with Detective Do Soo (Jeong-jin Lee) and explains some of what’s happening. While advising the bad professor Hwang Mi Jin (Yoon Son Ha), Nakamura gets the location right. This means Nakamura leads the crew of villains to the gold (there’s only a few bars but, perhaps at today’s prices, that’s going to show enough profit for all this effort). Fortunately, for him, Do Soo and his police buddies jump out from behind the trees and arrest the villains. This is a good moment for Ji Woo and Jin Yi to run into the clearing as well. As you can imagine, everything gets intense. Ji Woo runs away (what else), Jin Yi gets put behind bars and, later on, the bad professor gets shot. Shame about that. I was enjoying Yoon Son Ha’s performance, hamming up the femme fatale professor. Nakamura is interviewed and released.

Yoon Son Ha as Hwang Mi Jin, the bad professor

Now the extent of the police involvement in the greater conspiracy is revealed. The gold is spirited out of the police station and ends up in the boot of a car collected by our new hitman enforcer, working for General Wei. Do Soo is fired from the force and may be about to team up with Ji Woo, and because none of this gold discovery ever happened, Jin Yi is released. Bad guys close in on her as she walks away from the police compound but, loyal to a fault, Ji Woo beats them to a pulp using a tyre iron — obviously this is not a time for subtlety. Thinking Do Soo is now on their side, Ji Woo arranges a meeting with him but, on his way there, there’s a telephone call from the police putting poison into the water. Uncertain whether Ji Woo really is a murderer, they now meet on the roof of a tall building and square off against each other. Well, that meeting on the roof turns out to be another damp squib. These guys need each other if they are to save the world, or at least Korea, from domination by the arch villain.

Jeong-jin Lee as Do Soo looking smart, for once

Thanks to Kai, we now have a better picture of what’s going on. See, it always comes down to Daniel Henney to do the important talking bits (even if he’s still talking in English while the other man in the room talks only in Korean). The master plan calls for son as puppet to be elected President and then General Wei will farm out vast profit-making ventures to willing minions like Kai — he’s down to build a major coastal resort on government land. The reason why the gold is so important is because, if the story of how the whole load came to be stolen was to become public before number one son becomes president, the adverse publicity for the family will cause them to lose all. In fact, Jin Yi and Ji Woo have been chasing only a tiny portion of the whole load of gold that was walked out of the danger zone by “loyal troops” during the Korean war. Except, Jin Yi’s grandfather was less than loyal and buried the contents of the knapsack on his back (Val-de-ri as he said when he later asked the General for money to keep quiet). Well, that explains why the entire family was massacred and it also explains why no-one cared whether Jin Yi was killed before the gold was found. The gold has to stay hidden or disappear if presidential ambitions are not to be thwarted. So, Jin Yi and Ji Woo analyse the situation and decide General Wei will “dispose” of the gold using aqua regis or royal water. A quick database search shows the general owns a chemical factory, so they stake it out and then follow the delivery truck.

The hitman encourages Sophie to stay silent

In the Hotel Seoul, Sophie’s calm is disturbed by the arrival of the new hitman. She manages to telephone Ji Woo and talk the hitman through the essentials of the plot. So, Ji Woo sends Do Soo to save the gold, while he and Jin Yi go to save Kai — incidentally, Do Soo has come very close to telling Detective Yoon So-ran (Yun Jin-seo) that she’s special to him. When all interested parties arrive in the hotel room, there’s a genuine laugh-out-loud moment of pure farce. Kai is injected with poison (possibly the same rattlesnake venom used earlier by the bad professor) and falls into Sophie’s arms. Jin Yi overcomes her prejudices, binds his arm with a tourniquet and sucks out the poison like he’d been bit by a rattler. Sophie is properly grateful. In another part of the room, Ji Woo gets beaten to the ground by the hitman, but he runs off when Jin Yi sets off the fire alarm. I haven’t laughed so much for weeks. Hopefully, Daniel Henney will now see his future with Sophie and both will come back from the dark side. Rain and Na-yeong Lee look set fair. All we need now is for Do Soo to make a decisive move.

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