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Painted Skin or Hua Pi (2011) — episodes 28 to 34 (the end)

Well, as in all “well-written” scripts where the aim is to draw out a thin story to infinity and beyond, Pang Yong (Li Zong Han) arrives too late and the vital witness is struck down by the lizard demon Xiao Yi Yi (Dong Ao Yan). Now we get into further boredom as Xia Bing (Wu Ying Jie) is allowed to test out the vixen Xiao Wei (Fiona Sit). They visually inspect her for blemishes that would prove her a demon and then try to starve her of hearts so that her skin will fall off. Our vixen smiles serenely throughout, admitting to having lied about her background because she was ashamed of her poor parents. All the young single men think this lets her off the hook and ogle her lasciviously. In any event, the lizard goes out and takes another heart so the vixen is proved innocent in the eyes of the prejudiced men. Defeated, Xia Bing leaves the city (for two days). Fortunately, Pang Yong misses her. It’s always a good sign with the couple that fights fears the silence. Now the lizard insists the vixen treats the eyes of the blind Susu (Xinzhi Lei), so he picks up three pairs and gives the vixen the choice of which to insert.

Xiao Wei (Fiona Sit) showing her human and vulnerable side

Susu wakes up in the usual cave with 20×20 vision, but has no idea what Big Foot — the name she gave to Xiao Yi Yi — looks like. She goes to Pei Rong (Chen Yi Rong) for help. Big Foot did give her a name but, when Pei Rong investigates, this man died four years ago. Using his cloak of invisibility, the lizard watches in despair since he fears Susu’s reaction if he manifests in his lizardiness. The forces of law and order led by Wang Sheng (Ling Xiao Su) also suspect Susu’s involvement because why else would someone steal eyes if not to help a blind girl see. This subplot does have some life about it and Pang Yong remains highly watchable, but the core element of Wang Sheng, Pei Rong and the vixen has become tedious to the point of being almost unwatchable.

At last, there’s an interesting development. It turns out Papa Rong was only pretending to be nuts. He was actually making a special device that would signal when rain was coming and how long it would last. Damn clever these early Chinese scientist types. We could do with that today. No-one would ever be caught outside the house without an umbrella. Why have this device, you ask. Because he’s worked out our lizard hates the rain. Damned observant, what?! Well, once the vixen tumbles to this little deception, she’s quick to fake a suicide to get rid of the old guy before he comes up with the parallel device to actually make rain.

Pang Yong (Li Zong Han) and the lizard Xiao Yi Yi (Dong Ao Yan) discuss the weather

Now we have half the remaining police and army trailing around the town and countryside watching Susu which is not the most entertaining television. From time to time, our lizard thinks about appearing but is afraid of Susu’s reaction, so he focuses all his energy on changing himself into a human. After great effort, he manages it and Susu gets her first sight of the “man”. Having previously fought with this “man” and lost, the combined forces decide to wait for rain before taking him on again. Remarkably, Wang Sheng finds the rain predictor so they have an ace in the hole. Except not everything is smooth sailing for the lizard when Susu discovers she’s courting a murderous demon. He’s devastated and promises to give up the murderous bit and take her away from it all. The vixen is deeply jealous of this love but does nothing to interfere. Susu makes a run for a meeting with her demon lover and Xia Bing is in pursuit.

Wang Sheng (Ling Xiao Su) and Pei Rong (Chen Yi Rong) acting as husband and wife

The meeting is forestalled as the vixen intercepts the lizard on his way to Susu and blackmails him into stealing another heart for her. This leaves Susu stood up and, when asked by Wang Sheng, she agrees to lure her demon lover into a trap. This fails despite the delightful deployment of an early water canon, but the lizard is injured and Susu dies. This threatens to break the relationship between the two demons and the lizard plants evidence implicating the vixen. In a desperate move, the vixen asks Wang Sheng if she can be his concubine. He’s shocked (funny how he never saw that coming) and rejects her, affirming there can only be one Mrs Wang. Now the gloves (and the skin come off) with Pei Rong. The demon says many will die unless she gets her way, so Pei Rong agrees to become a demon and take all the blame. She drinks the magic potion, develops a pasty complexion and grows the ears to match.

Xia Bing (Wu Ying Jie) trying to get her act together as an exorcist

To drive her out into the open, our vixen kills one of the guards and threatens more deaths. This has the desired effect and Pei Rong staggers out into the town, expecting to be cut down. Fortunately, Pang Yong picks her up and carries her off while Xia Bing throws on a quick disguise and leads the towns folk in the opposite direction. Later, all the interested parties meet up in the usual cave. With the vixen looking on, Wang Sheng throws himself at Pei Rong’s feet and says he doesn’t care she’s become a demon. He’ll always love her. Pei Rong looks at the vixen and then commits suicide. Well, this inspires Pang Yong to strike a blow with his guan dao that should have cut Xiao Wei in half. When everyone recovers from the surprise at seeing his blade bounce off, our vixen strikes out at the massed troops and police officers, killing them all. The lizard demon materialises and offers Pang Yong a few pointers. This leaves Xia Bing to finally capture the knack of anointing her sword with her own blood. She stabs the vixen and slows her down. A timeout is called and she offers Wang Sheng a deal. She will resurrect Pei Rong if our hero dies. Without blinking, Wang Sheng fall on his sword. This surprises the vixen. It seemed not to occur to her that Wang Sheng would sacrifice himself to bring back his wife. In a complicated move, Pang Yong also dies which just leaves the two demons and Xia Bing to decide what’s to happen.

The vixen now claims to understand the nature of love so surrenders most of her energy to revive everyone. She and the lizard retreat to the lake. In due course, the inevitable principals meet for the final time. Xiao Wei apologies to Xiao Yi Yi for not being honest in reporting Susu’s final words of love for Big Foot, no matter what he looked like. Overcome with emotion at his lost love, the lizard jumps into the lake and dissolves into the afterworld. Xiao Wei then speaks to both her sisters. She tells Pei Rong to stand by her man (fortunately, we don’t have Tammy Wynette’s vocal) and Xia Bing to do right by Pang Yong. By this time, there isn’t a dry eye in China as true love overflows from the lake. Then Xia Bing uses her grandfather’s sword and kills the vixen. In the final shots, domestic bliss restored to the Wang household while our two adventurers set off on the road to killing more demons. In a final touch of drama, the exorcist and her mate stop for some tea and tell their story to Pu Songling. History says they finished before he died of old age, but only just.

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Painted Skin or Hua Pi (2011) — episodes 28 to 34 (the end)

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