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The Great Queen Seon Deok or Seondeok Yeo Wang — episodes 26 to 32

This is a spoiler-rich discussion of what happens in these episodes so do not read this post if you want the experience of watching the serial unfold onscreen. Further, these episode numbers are based on the terrestrial broadcasts I have seen and not on downloaded or DVD episodes. It’s possible that these numbers do not match your experience.

I suppose I’m the wrong gender to appreciate this but if I found out I was a royal princess, the last thing I would do is sit on a rock for 24 hours and howl like a banshee. First, people would think someone had died (banshees have a terrible reputation) and second it might attract the wrong people to find out who was making such a racket. I might get a bit upset that people were trying to kill me but finding out I was brought up by a palace maid does not seem to justify this degree of despair. But if that’s how the script writers want to keep Deokman (Lee Yo-Won) out of the palace for a day, I suppose I’ll just have to accept it. While she’s away, everyone works out who she is except King Jinpyeong (Jo Min-Gi) who seems to be living in a bubble protected from outside influences by Eul Jae (Shin Goo) who, if I understand him properly, is one of these guys who will stop at nothing to defend his view of what the royalty should be, no matter what they think about it. Queen Ma Ya (Yoon Yoo Sun) meets her other daughter and is now lining up to protect her as best she can.

Kim Nam-Gil and Uhm Tae-Woong lining up with Lee Yo-Won

Meanwhile, Juk-bang (Lee Mun-Shik) gets kidnapped and spills the beans to Seol Won (Jeon No-Min). It was Doekman wot made me plant the petition, the battered figure gasps. Chil-Sook (Ahn Kil-Kang) conveniently gets his eyesight back just in time to see Deokman riding out of the palace with Kim Yu-Sin (Uhm Tae-Woong) pursued by Al-Chun (Lee Seung-Hyo) and Im-Jong (Kang Ji-Hoo). Passing on the news of the surviving twin to Mi-Sil makes it another perfect day for her.

So now everyone has to decide what to do. Eul Jae decides Deokman has to die so that the line of succession can be maintained. He therefore plans to marry Princess Cheon-Myeong (Park Yeh-Jin) to Kim Yu-Sin and offers this as a bribe to Kim Seo-Hyeon (Jeong Seong-Mo) to track down his son, rescue him and resolve the problem. Reluctantly to protect the interests of his clan, Papa Kim agrees. Mi-Sil decides she wants Deokman alive so that the whole story of the twins can be exposed, the King deposed and the country fall into her hands. She has spies everywhere and follow Papa Kim as he sets off to meet his son with loyal mercenaries by his side. They are poised to wait at a hut close to villages where the plague has hit. Papa Kim will send Deokman there to hide.

Kim Nam-Gil deciding who to support

Now Bi-Dam (Kim Nam-Gil) wanders into view (it’s about time we get to meet him) and, more importantly to catch a glance of Moon No (Jung Ho Bin) trying to help those sick with the plague. Now with everyone converging on the hut, battle lines will grow more clear. As befits a pupil of Moon No, Bi-Dam drives the first wave of kidnappers away and rescues Deokman. However, when Seol Won offers him access to a quantity of wild ginger, he agrees to deliver Deokman. He therefore locks up Kim Yu-Sin and ties Deokman to a tree.

Meanwhile, Mi-Sil is making her first moves. She produces Chil Sook in public where he testifies there was a twin and she’s still alive. However, the script writers have signalled Mi-Sil getting too sure of herself. When Se-Ri (Song Ok-Suk) the high priestess and a wise counsellor suggests Mi-Sil may be defying Heaven’s Will, our lady curls her lip in contempt and denies the power of anything supernatural to disturb her plans. Obviously, there will be a price to pay for her overconfidence. At this point I feel the need for another rant. I understand Mi-Sil is supposed to be the super evilest person on the face of the planet at this time in history, but the endlessly melodramatic slow close-ups of her as she plots her next wicked moves and twitches that little smile as she imagines all her enemies falling to dust — well all that’s growing really annoying. It drags out the minutes when we could be getting on with the story and just makes her look silly.

Lee Seun-Hyo as hwarang Al-Chun getting a little more screen time now

Back on the battlefield, Bi-Dam hands over Deokman to Seol Won and then decides to rescue her when Moon No is distressed at the price he paid to get the ginger. I suppose this is Mi-Sil’s bad blood warring with hard training methods from the good Moon No, but this boy is swinging wildly between twerp and hero with nothing in between. Anyway, between them, Yu-Sin and Bi-Dam rescue Doekman who was planning suicide by Seol Won. They jump off a cliff into a river and then hide in a cave. When challenged as to why he’s risking his life, Kim Yu-Sin comes close to saying he’s in love with Deokman — now there’s a surprise. In the palace, the Princess commissions Al-Chon to accompany her to discuss matters with Kim Seo-Hyeon. There’s now the makings of a small army lining up to rescue Deokman. As a good seer, the Priestess foresees bad omens and, when Mi-Sil refuses to listen, she persuades Mi-Saeng (Jeong Woong-In) to take action to kill Deokman before it’s too late. This leads to a long episode when the sisters variously dress as a warrior and women, thoroughly confusing all those in pursuit. Variously Seol Won, Bo-Jong (Baek Do-Bin) and Suk-Poom (Hong Kyoung-In) wander round the countryside and the assassin (Dae Nam-Bo — Ryu Sang-Wook) one of Mi-Saeng’s many sons) with poisoned arrows finally manages to shoot the Princess.

Park Ye-Jin bids farewell as the Princess

We now have an attempt to get into the Guinness Books of Records for the longest death scene on television. While Deokman and Bi-Dam do the miraculous dash across the landscape filled with soldiers looking for them, the Princess and Kim exchange a few acting pointers in a cave as Al-Chon goes out looking for herbs to help slow the poison. Needless to say, Deokman is too late. The Princess has finally given up on her record-breaking attempt. This leaves Al-Chon to ferry the body back towards civilisation while Deokman does her imitation of a shivering jelly for three days and nights.

Meanwhile Seol Won has captured the assassin who’s not saying too much, and then has a stand-off with Kim Seo-Hyeon that would have turned nasty had the Princess not been wheeled into view. Urgent word is sent to the court. King and Queen are devastated. Eul Jae says he’ll take the blame. Mi-Sil is frustrated because she can’t really pursue the question of the twins with the Princess dead. Mi-Saeng and the Seer are in fear because they have caused the death of the wrong twin. I suppose it’s all boiled up to a pivotal moment but I’m underwhelmed by it all.

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  1. September 1, 2013 at 12:48 am

    Park Ye-Jin’s death SHOCKED MY ASS OFF ! i was so suprised she died so early in the film! 😦 Didnt even get to reunite with the whole family 😥
    But i guess it has to happen so that the other twin could return , and not be executed because of that whole twin thing 😦

    • September 1, 2013 at 1:56 am

      It’s a historical plot so Princess Cheonmyeong has to die and leave the way open for her sister to become Queen. That’s the way monarchies work.

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