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The Fugitive: Plan B or Domangja Plan B — the last act

Well, now things have taken a more interesting turn as we head into what I pray will be the finishing straight. Detective Do Soo (Jeong-jin Lee) ends up with the gold. Don’t you just love it when the honest cop gets the chance to go wrong. Well, he exports himself and the gold to the Philippines. In close pursuit go girlfriend Detective Yoon So-ran (Yun Jin-seo), Ji Woo (Rain) and Jin Yi (Na-yeong Lee), with Nakamura (Sung Dong Il) linking up with the idiot local PI called James Bong (Jo Hee Bong). Everything then grinds to a halt as Do Soo gets bored, but is rescued from that boredom by the arrival of his girlfriend. He sleeps with the girl which is the first intelligent thing he has done so far in this show. Needless to say, Ji Woo doesn’t get to have sex with Jin Yi because she falls asleep. Thank God everyone will be awake in the morning when a devious plot from Nakamura is supposed to steal all the gold from Do Soo’s safe.

Rain trying and failing to look intelligent

Well, thanks to Nakamura having recruited Ji Woo’s assistant, Ji Woo knows all about the plan to steal the gold at the party. Kai (Daniel Henney) is there and gets the cold shoulder from Jin Yi. Sophie (Kim Soo Hyun) watches him mooning after her and is disgusted. She therefore helps Ji Woo steal the gold when Nakamura isn’t looking. So now Ji Woo and Jin Yi momentarily have the gold in their joint care but, after an argument about what should happen to it, Jin Yi takes off with it on her own. Meanwhile, Kai is pressuring the son of General Wei (Ti Lung), who is running for President. If the son does not warn his father away from Jin Yi, there will be a lot of whistleblowing. When Kai returns to the hotel where he lives while in Seoul, Sophie walks out on him. As she stalks through the lobby, she sees the professional hitman getting into the lift. Improbably, she runs up twenty-three stories and intercepts the hitman as he is about to enter Kai’s room. Not too out of breath, she tries to reason with the assassin and then vaguely attacks him. For her trouble, he stabs her but the arrival of hotel security drives him away. Now Kai leaves his room, picks her up and runs from the hotel with Sophie in his arms. Later he’s standing on guard over her in hospital. There’s affection but still nothing that’s going to divert him from his path which is to confront the General to save Jin Yi. In due course, he’s on his way to a meeting. He’s fairly confident it’s a trap but if this is one of the ways in which he can frustrate the General and keep Jin Yi alive, that’s what he’s going to do. This is Daniel Henney looking all serious, dark and handsome.

Daniel Henney, darkly handsome even with his shirt on

Meanwhile Nakamura takes Ji Woo captive in his own office. When Ji Woo wakes from the gas used to overcome him, they discuss where Jin Yi might have taken the gold. Nakamura does all the work of tracking her down and then, with the help of a paperclip, Ji Woo is free from the handcuffs, turns the tables and rushes off to save Jin Yi. As we know, the hitman has a sniper rifle and is lining up the shot to take down anyone coming into his sites. He’s expecting three victims.

Do Soo has returned from the Philippines and gives himself up to the police. After he finishes blackmailing the Chief into withdrawing the arrest warrant, he’s teaming himself up with ex-Detective Yoon So-ran to crack the case and so win their jobs back.

Na-yeong Lee daydreaming it will all be over soon

Ji Woo intercepts the hitman before he can shoot the two ex-love birds and they hand him over to Do Soo who, somewhat improbably, transports him around the city in a filing cabinet. Moving along, we have two developments. Nakamura offers his services to the General who is perfectly honest that he want Ji Woo dead. At the Ji Woo’s office, James Bong appears supported by heavies, except they prove no match for Ji Woo who escapes them and lures them to a nearby mall where they appear just in time to rescue him when the meeting between Jin Yi and the General goes pear-shaped. The General, you see, tells the angry daughter that her grandfather was a criminal, stealing the gold and then trying to blackmail the General. So every cent she has had in her life has come from the stolen gold — a bit demoralising. In all the excitement, Ji Woo is shot and bleeds convincingly — about the only piece of his acting so far with any credibility.

Jeong-jin Lee managing a smile near the end

We now start to come towards the end — a merciful release as I think this serial may have done serious damage to my brain. Sophia goes to kill the General but fails (no surprise — she’s been incompetent from the start). Kai goes to reason and then threaten the General’s son and is then taken off by “prosecutors” (yeah, right). Do Soo and partner are still on the case and have recovered a recording of the General’s confession (if only they can get it to play). Ji Woo and Jin Yi visit with the General’s son and may be convinced he’s going to do the right think and tell everyone the truth. Naturally, when they go to his office, they get set upon by a gang of men with big sticks. This is not fatal and, in due course, they leave the hospital quietly. And finally, Nakamura and James Bong continue bumbling along in pursuit of the gold. This is just so bad, it’s unbelievable, particularly now the director has begun to play completely inappropriate, vaguely operatic music in the background. Honestly, it defies belief that anyone who made this or agreed to participate in it could possible think it any good.

The veteran Ti Lung wondering whether all this is worth the money

Now we have one of those revelations where I can honestly say, “I didn’t see that coming.” Not that I care anymore but the mad professor, Hwang Mi Jin (Yoon Son Ha) isn’t dead. She’s been wounded, now apparently confined to a wheelchair, but is still in the game. In this exciting instalment, the self-righteous son decides he can get himself voted in as the next President if only he hides his father away for the duration, can recover all the evidence including the gold, and kill anyone else who gets in his way. So when Jin Yi calls him and offers to return the gold in return for a public, he’s all to willing to co-operate. That way, he can get the gold and kill the girl. By this time, Do Soo and fiance have recovered the recording of the general confessing to the crimes and have handed it over the one of the responsible police departments in Korea. Now Ji Woo and Do Soo are lurking nearby hoping to protect Jin Yi when she meets the Presidential wannabe. He takes the sample gold bar and sends in the gang of thugs to kill everyone. Cue another of the interminable fights we’ve come to love. But, this time, we have an unexpected outcome. The fight spreads and the fiance is killed. During all the confusion, Nakamura makes off with the gold which has been in Jin Yi’s car, hidden inside the spare tyre.

Sung-Dong Il as Nakamura the jovial but corrupt PI

Now we come into the final few minutes and all this pain will soon be over. Kai tells international journalists all about the conspiracy. Do Soo rejoins the police force and goes all righteous to catch all the high-ranking police officers and politicians who have been involved. And there’s a final press conference in which Jin Yi and Ji Woo confront the son on the eve of his election triumph and produce the final bar of gold that’s been hidden away for such a rainy day. So Jin Yo and Ji Woo drive off into the sunset. Do Soo implacably starts arresting people, and Kai walks away from Sophie. Oh, and to avoid arrest, the General shoots himself. The only person who really comes out ahead is Nakamura who’s left to spend some of the money on an expensive holiday before Ji Woo sets off to track him down.

Without fear of contradiction, this is one of the worst television dramas I can recall watching. It has every possible feature to hate. Rain’s acting as Ji Woo produced something so malevolently unpleasant, you wonder he still has any fans left. This is a creepy pervert who spies on women and tries to paw them when given half a chance. He may be clever in an odd kind of way, but this is the ultimate anti-hero. Daniel Henney did his best with his saturnine good looks to sleepwalk through, hoping no-one would notice how bad it all was. It remains a genuine curiosity to see him alternately speak English and then be dubbed for some pithy remarks before lapsing back into English again. After all this time as a star in Korea, you would think he would have learned a little of the language. Jeong-jin Lee as Detective Do Soo was ludicrously monomaniacal for most of the series but did show some sincerity when Yun Jin-seo was killed. I think I ended up quite liking Sung Dong Il as Nakamura. He did managed to send himself up as venal from the outset. This leaves us with Na-yeong Lee as Jin Yi. She’s repeatedly threatened, captured and beaten up throughout the series but manages to emerge with some dignity despite the whole thing being a rerun of The Perils of Pauline with her replacing Pearl White. No-one else matters.

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  1. Stanley
    January 26, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    Is this series good ?
    How is Ti Lung ?

  2. January 26, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    Sadly, the series is one of the worst thrillers to emerge from Korea over the last ten years. At times, it’s actually quite painful to watch. One of the few good things in it is Ti Lung’s performance. He keeps managing little smiles as he tries to strong-arm his way to power, hiding behind his son’s campaign to become President. At least you feel his character as General Wei has some credibility.

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