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The Great Queen Seon Deok or Seondeok Yeo Wang — episodes 41 to 50

This is a spoiler-rich discussion of what happens in these episodes so do not read this post if you want the experience of watching the serial unfold onscreen. Further, these episode numbers are based on the terrestrial broadcasts I have seen and not on downloaded or DVD episodes. It’s possible that these numbers do not match your experience.

Well, there are lots of tears shed and, for the first time in many years, both Deokman (Lee Yo-Won) and So-Hwa (Seo Young-Hee) can feel happier, but there’s still a general conspiracy not to tell Deokman everything that’s been happening. The poor thing must be protected from further shocks. There’s even some kind of reconciliation between So-Hwa and Chil-Sook (Ahn Kil-Kang). He may be loyal to Mi-Sil (Ko Hyun-Jung) because he feels there’s no-one else to protect him but, in the best traditions of Romeo and Juliet, there’s no reason why a maid and a warrior can’t be friends. This seems to create a love triangle because Juk-bang (Lee Mun-Shik) is obviously attracted to her. Moon No (Jung Ho Bin) now comes back into the reckoning with a literal bang, beating almost all the Hwarang in combat — what a pathetic bunch of fighters these young professionals are. Now we have confirmation Bi-Dam (Kim Nam-Gil) is Mi-Sil’s abandoned son by King Jin-heung so he also has royal blood flowing in his veins. It seems Moon No intended him to marry the twin Princess and they fight Mi-Sil together. Now Moon No comes to interview Deokman to see if she’s up for the job. He also insists on a competition by combat to decide who should lead the Hwarang. Needless to say, Bo-Jong (Baek Do-Bin) is quietly confident.

Bi-Dam (Kim Nam-Gil), Yu-Sin (Uhm Tae-Woong), Al-Chun (Lee Seung-Hyo ) and Bo-Jong (Baek Do-Bin) ready for combat

The competition gets underway and Bo-Jong wins the observation round but the second task requires us to have an extended flashback to understand why Mi-Sil would want to hide the old King’s dream of uniting the three kingdoms into one. While Deokman gets her head into the research, Bi-Dam gets very interested in who his parents were. We also find out that, when he was young, he killed a large number of men, women and children. After that, Moon No treated him as the sociopath he seems to be. To explain, Moon No had been travelling the three kingdoms mapping out the land for potential invasion. The people Bi-Dam killed stole the maps when he was carrying them. In his eyes he was merely protecting the value of the work done. This second test is also a problem since it involves publicly admitting the nature of the dream. The other two kingdoms would obviously interpret this as a threat to their sovereignty and prepare for war. Anyway, Deokman works out what the dream is and Kim Yu-Sin wins the second round with a watered-down version of the dream. Now it’s into the arena for combat with Bi-Dam insisting he has a right to fight.

Moon No (Jung Ho Bin ) looking older but no wiser

This gets a bit boring as the combat is drawn out to show Bi-Dam allowed to fight and then trying to take a dive to allow Kim Yu-Sin (Uhm Tae-Woong) to win. Needless to say, a foul is called, Hwarang honour has been besmirched, and so Yu-Sin can only become top dog if he can survive repeated attack by Chil-Sook. Not surprisingly, he aces this challenge, even impressing Bo-Jong. In all this, it’s hilarious to see the production values. A few thousand spent on CGI would have produced a crowd to watch the contest. With the whole cast standing around the arena, people are spread a bit thin. When it comes to his accession to the leadership position, Yu-Sin is challenged over his deal with the Gayans. Now to avoid all his plans coming unstuck, he seems to abandon Deokman and agrees to marry one of Mi-Sil’s many relatives.

Kim Chun Chu (Yu Seung-Ho ) already plotting

Meanwhile, Kim Chun Chu (Yu Seung-Ho) the legitimate son of Princess Cheon-Myeong (Park Yeh-Jin) has appeared. He first seems very dim and annoys everyone from his escort back to the capital, Dae Nam-Bo (Ryu Sang-Wook), to Juk-bang who explains what’s happening in the capital, talking as if to a child. However, given the way he acts around Mi-Saeng (Jeong Woong-In) in following him to brothels and gambling dens, there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. For the record, Mi-Sil is planning to marry him off to another of her clan at the earliest opportunity.

So-Hwa (Seo Young-Hee) back in the palace again

Bi-Dam now discovers Moon No is planning to give the plans for possible invasion of the other two kingdoms to Yu-Sin. This does not make our boy a happy bunny. There’s a fight with the Master more than holding his own before a poison dart flies from behind a tree and fells the old guy. Without a pause, our boy picks him up and runs with him for help. Just before he dies, Moon No realises he messed up the upbringing of his protégé. Instead of teaching him, he repressed him as if he was always going to be a killer. It’s sad Moon No has to die in this way. We should forgive him for being such a self-righteous and inflexible twit, unlike Yu-Sin who’s prepared to surrender his values and go through a marriage ceremony to save his Gayans. As Deokman recognises, this has earned their eternal loyalty and gratitude. In a way, it has begin the process of making a single unit out of Silla.

Bi-Dam hides the fact of Moon No’s death and has himself appointed one of the Hwarang Captains. He’s now on the warpath to take revenge, tracking down the man immediately responsible for Moon No’s death. But he also discovers the reason for taking the book was to give it to Kim Chun Chu. Interestingly, it turns out our boy prince has a photographic memory. Now that’s a useful ability to be hiding behind a mask of slow stupidity. Meanwhile, back in the capital, there’s a sudden and dramatic increase in the price of food with all the nobles hoarding everything they can buy. Even in those days, it seems you had to speculate to accumulate.

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