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Prosecutor Princess or Geomsa Peurinseseu — episodes 9 to 12

The Prosecutor Princess or Geomsa Peurinseseu continues with Ma Hye Ri (Kim So Yun) getting all worked up when she finds Seo In Woo (Park Shi Hoo following on from Iljimae and Family’s Honor) has a photograph of her taken more than a year ago. Then she’s convinced that means he’s had a crush on her for a long time. But, no matter what the truth of it, safety first. She tells him to move out of the neighbouring house. Meanwhile, she and her investigators dig up evidence strongly suggesting the car accident from Episode 8 was a murder to collect the insurance. The problem is how to prove it. Ma Hye Ri invites Yoon Se Joon (Han Jung Soo) out for a meal. Unfortunately she takes him to a floating restaurant and gets violently seasick. Fortunately, he finds this somewhat amusing and they hold hands as they walk under the cherry blossom. Jin Jung Sun (Choi Song Hyun) is doing her best not to be jealous, but decides it can’t hurt to dress in a slightly more revealing way.

Choi Jung Woo as Papa Ma with Kim So Yun as his daughter

There are creepy things about Ma Hye Ri’s home — she has an unannounced visitor. When she suspects, she calls Seo In Woo who winkles out the uninvited lodger. They take him down to the police station. This prompts a change of heart. Ma Hye Ri is so grateful to have a friend to call in emergencies, she tells Seo In Woo he need not move away. Meanwhile, Seo In Woo’s long-term plans are slowly coming nearer to completion as two cases are in the prosecutor’s system: one is a case alleging Go Man Chui (Sun Woo Jae Duk) fraudulently sold the home in his wife’s name, the other alleges Go Man Chui is the director of a building company responsible for defective work. Ma Hye Ri and Yoon Se Joon have yet to realise the link. This is a trail back to Ma Sang Tae (Choi Jung Woo, continuing in father roles from Brilliant Legacy). All they have to do is recognise it. Now mother Park Ae Ja (Yang Hee Kyung) meets Seo In Woo and Ma Hye Ri spends time listing all the things she likes about him. This is deeply distressing because she sees only his sincerity and not his lies. His conscience may force him to give up whatever the plot is against her father.

Park Shi Hoo being a lawyer

He gets very drunk and has to be helped home by Jeni Ahn (Park Jung Ah) who first appeared as a lawyer in Seo In Woo’s firm early on. It now seems she knows him from America and has been in Korea for one year helping him with his plans. Ma Hye Ri has a second “date” with Yoon Se Joon where they exercise together. After hours watching video from shops along the route the murderers probably followed, she finds the key piece of evidence. When the pictures are blown up, the evidence is convincing. She goes in person to arrest the husband for the murder of his wife and is distressed when his children cry. When confronted, the murderous couple explain how they gave the woman a fatal injection and then staged the accident. Ma Hye Ri is upset her investigation will leave the children as orphans. To cheer her up, the team of prosecutors invite themselves round to her place for nibbles. We then have more sad moments as the foursome eye each other with appropriate longing.

Park Jung Ah as Jeni Ahn, a friend from the USA

Now Seo In Woo and Jeni Ahn offer a little help to drop Go Man Chui, the missing fraud witness, into the hands of the police. Ma Hye Ri is asked to share the case with Yoon Se Joon which alarms her father. Indeed, he has every right to be frightened as Go Man Chui, the intended scapegoat for the defective building work case, identifies Papa Ma as the man behind the fraud.

After the initial shock, Ma Hye Ri rushes round to confront her father who admits to knowing the man from his home town, but denies any recent connection. Nevertheless, Ma Hye Ri must withdraw from the case. When mother Park Ae Ja confronts her husband about pursuing an arranged marriage, her husband seems resigned to the world no longer working as he wants and allows his wife to proceed on the basis that Seo In Woo will marry his daughter. When Ma Hye Ri tells her team about the embarrassing involvement of her father, Yoon Se Joon takes on the case solo. Go Man Chui changes his story again and blames a man now dead. He says he only accused Papa Ma to embarrass the prosecutor. Yoon Se Joon can find no evidence directly linking Papa Ma with the fraud. To celebrate, she buys Seo In Woo a bracelet. He’s getting increasingly conflicted over all this plotting. He decides to try keeping her at arm’s length. Yoon Se Joon is slowly starting to realise Jin Jung Sun has been in love with him for years. When Jin Jung Sun confronts Ma Hye Ri, she begins to make a choice between the two men. But she finds it difficult in the face of Seo In Woo’s sudden coldness.

Equally suddenly, Ma Hye Ri is off on the hunt again when the evidence from the Land Registry finally appears and shows her father was involved in the transfer of land to Go Man Chui fifteen years ago. She goes back to the wife who first alleged fraud and asks about this transfer. With this information, Ma Hye Ri is able to link back to a murder case. When she checks the records of the police investigation she finds statements from her father, Go Man Chui and his wife. We are also allowed a flashback to see Seo In Woo doing the same research. Now Seo In Woo disappears leaving Ma Hye Ri in tears just as she has begun to choose him.

Han Jung Soo (Yoon Se Joon) and Choi Song Hyun (Jin Jung Sun) look as if they might become a family

She decides to ask her mother about her father and then confesses she misses Seo In Woo. The next day, she goes to speak to one key witness from the murder case fifteen years ago. It turns out he’s the father of the man Seo In Woo represented in the alleged assault case. The issue is whether Papa Ma bought an alibi with the land. Unfortunately, there’s no clear outcome. Then we have a resolution where she apologises to Yoon Se Joon for chasing him and insists he look seriously at Jin Jung Sun. When Seo In Woo reappears, he cuts her dead but she confronts him. At least he knows she’s not going to give up with out a fight. We now have an ah ha moment. It seems the man who was convicted of the murder fifteen years ago was not the type, but he died in jail and his family went to America. Papa Ma is now alerted to his daughter’s interest in the events fifteen years ago while Go Man Chui looks to be in a good blackmail position.

Ma Hye Ri now gets evidence showing that her father’s alibi was a lie. Except by talking to all these people, she’s also putting together Seo In Woo’s involvement. She knows he’s been meeting with all the relevant witnesses as a lawyer, writer and customer. She realises it must be his father who died in jail. Now they really do have something to talk about.

Prosecutor Princess or Geomsa Peurinseseu has actually picked up. I was beginning to doubt whether Kim So Yun as Ma Hye Ri was ever going to be really likeable, but the character is slowly maturing and realising what’s actually important to her. For too long, she’s been living the lives given to her by her parents. Now that she’s finally on her own and involved with a completely new circle of people who relate to her as she is, a new person is emerging. She’s prepared to reject Han Jung Soo as Yoon Se Joon (who was only confused because she looked like his dead wife) and push Choi Song Hyun as Jin Jung Sun into action. Instead of trying to hide all the evidence about her father, she wants to continue the investigation. Choi Jung Woo is suitably creepy. And she’s prepared to break with convention and impliedly tell Seo In Woo how she feels. The shame showed by Park Shi Hoo is reasonably convincing. So it’s all beginning to come together in a better way.

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For those of you who are fans of Park Shi Hoo, there’s a fan site at http://parksihoo4u.com/


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