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Top five posts — end of 2012 report

Well, it’s that time of year again and here comes another six-month snapshot of this site’s performance. This year I maintained a more regular posting schedule — indeed going above and beyond the call of duty with more than one post a day. To be honest, I still don’t understand how the ranking system correlates with the number of hits, nor whether the improvement in the regularity of my postings is the reason for the improvement in traffic numbers over 2011. All I can say is that, over 2012 as a whole, I averaged 945 hits per day (down from 976 hits per day at the 6 month mark) with the total number of hits over the lifetime of the site now more than 453,000. I still have no real sense of whether this is good or bad for a review site. The only consolation is that, after a slump which I think was caused by Google tweaking its algorithms, traffic numbers have been picking up strongly over the last four months.

As I reported before, the Dong Yi pages dominate, being eight of the ten most popular pages on the site. I’ve become very popular in the Philippines and Indonesia although that’s dropping off as the final episodes are being broadcast. It seems somewhat redundant to list the top five Dong Yi pages. Suffice it to say that the average number of hits for that top five is 9,250 hits per page (up from 7,573). In both the following lists, the numbers in brackets are the placement in the last top five lists (excluding Dong Yi pages). So the top five of the other film/anime pages is:

Hellsing or Herushingu (1)
Sucker Punch
Space Battleship Yamato or Uchū Senkan Yamato (2)
Secret or The Secret That Cannot Be Told or Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi (5)
Conan (2011) (3)

These five pages have an average of 4,695 hits per page (up from 2,911 and an improvement as we’re now more than half the number of hits for the top five Dong Yi pages). Obviously, I’m going to have to be more careful about selecting the content to comment on if I want traffic numbers to rise. It’s fascinating that only two of the top twenty pages relate to Western content. I suppose I must be one of a more limited number of people writing about “foreign” material in English. As to books, here’s the current top five:

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (1)
Wise Man’s Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle, Day 2) by Patrick Rothfuss
Troika by Alastair Reynolds (2)
Songs of Love and Death edited by George R R Martin and Gardner Dozois (3)

The Secret of Crickley Hall by James Herbert

It’s good to report the average for the top five books is now four figures at 1,049 hits per page (up from 753 hits per page). I still find this rather depressing and continue with the speculation that the number of sites offering ebook and other digital versions are swamping out the reviews. Why the same things doesn’t happen to the film and television reviews is one of life’s great unknowns. WordPress is now providing me with a geographical breakdown of where the visitors are coming from. Remarkably, people have come from 202 countries — remarkably since I thought there were less than 200 countries in the world. Obviously, WordPress has a different list. Given the first half of the report, it should come as no surprise that only about 20% of the visitors come from the US. Indeed, only three of the top ten source countries are Western. This presumably explains why my Technorati ranking is so low. I’m not sufficiently US-centric to get its approval. I’m going to work on Burundi, Comoros and Tajikistan. So far, only one visitor from each country. This is not good enough. I’m thinking of a promotional tour to drum up support. And, speaking of visitors, my thanks to those of you brave enough to follow the blog. My very best wishes to you, one and all, for the New Year.

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