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January Thaw by Jess Lourey

January Thaw by Jess Lourey

Well, here we are again with January Thaw by Jess Lourey (Midnight Ink, 2014) the ninth in The Murder-By-Month series, happy as can be, all good friends and jolly good company in Battle Lake. It being Minnesota, it’s snowing. Mrs Berns is acting like Cassandra and predicting the thaw to release the town from winter’s icy grip even though everyone knows spring won’t arrive until March. Christmas has passed with the garlands stored for next year’s celebrations along with the left-over candy canes for Halloween. Mira James has finally taken the plunge with Johnny Leeson (several months too late, some may say), a local attorney actually employs her as an investigator when the need arises (although she’s not yet formally qualified as a PI) and, given the way Death has pursued her over the last eight books, there’s been a lull. Yes no dead bodies for at least a week. For those of you who enjoy this series, you’ll understand this is worth an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

Jess Lourey

Jess Lourey

As a “full-time” occupation, librarianship still holds her in its deadly thrall although she’s tempted to bid for the local franchise as a mortician. That is until she and Mrs Berns answer the call of a kitten mewling in an alley. Some people are just born suckers as Police Chief Gary Wohnt is quick to point out. Then there’s Kennie the town’s Mayor and her narcoleptic dog who’ve decided to branch out into plant healing. And finally, we get to the Winter Wonderland festivities (surprisingly, the town has a lake — can’t think how that happened) which Mira is to write about wearing her part-time journalist’s hat for the Battle Lake Recall (there will be questions asked at the end of this review to see how much you remember). To add to the celebrations, thanks to the work of Carter and Libby Stone, the Prospect House and Civil War Museum is formally to open its doors to the public. After this, everyone is due to jump on the lake with their boots on and skate to their heart’s content — yes, the ice really is that thick in Minnesota, particularly when the lake is on the shallow side. After a night’s consumption of alcoholic anaesthetic, brave townies then crack the ice and jump into the lake to prove their vital bits won’t drop off when exposed to water during the winter months. Except, as you would expect, everything has to be put on hold when Mira finds another body (which, unfortunately, albeit temporarily, includes a pullback from hot sex with Johnny). Fortunately, there’s always a Nut Goodie to ease sexual tensions, even the unwelcome ones.

This is another delightful conflation of murder, mystery and light-hearted banter as our intrepid investigator, ably assisted most of the time by her geriatric sidekick, sets off to untangle murder, drug trafficking and a cold case from the past. With the possible assistance of a previously unrecognised ghost, our dynamic duo make new friends, look after old ones when they get hurt, and practice their breaking and entering skills (not so much of a challenge when you know where the spare key is kept). The result solves the various cases in hand and advances the cause of justice across the generations. In the process, we see more of the town of Battle Lake and watch a new calmness replace our heroine’s uncertainty. Those of you following this excellent series will know she’s been not a little traumatised by events in the last few months and is distinctly twitchy about life — not even being prepared to risk sleeping on top of the bed in case the sky falls on her. But with mature words of wisdom from Mrs Berns and a new shoulder to cry on when a bereaved mother and two young children come into town, she manages to rediscover some of the gung-ho self-confidence that went missing from her life before Christmas. January Thaw therefore sees her beginning to emerge from the winter emotional cave where she’s been hunkering down. In the end, she’s charging into danger again like none of last year ever happened. This is good to see. The residents of Battle Lake were worried about her and we readers get to see a newly restored heroine ready to face the next month’s challenge, whatever that may be.

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A copy of this book was sent to me for review.

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