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Elementary: Season 2, Episode 15. Corps de Ballet (2014)

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This review discusses the plot so, if you have not already watched this episode, you may wish to delay reading this.

Elementary: Season 2, episode 15. Corps de Ballet (2014) confirms an emerging pattern of separate but shared lifestyles in the brownstone. Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) can entertain “friends” in the front room so long as there’s a suitable warning notice on the door (obviously the couple are completely silent in their activity making the notice necessary), and Dr Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) supplies the postcoital coffee. The platonic partners confirm his busy sexual schedule with teacher, mortician (not to be confused with the magician), and pastor being the most recent visitors. We should be grateful he’s not becoming a sex addict otherwise things might get out of hand or whatever part of the anatomy is involved. Anyway, we’re now back into classic episode mode with a murder in the introduction. This time, a corpse is literally cut in two in the flies gallery above stage with the bits dropping down on to the dancers below as they rehearse. It has a certain melodramatic quality. Captain Tobias Gregson (Aidan Quinn) is waiting for them on stage and Watson is able to meet and greet Detective Marcus Bell (Jon Michael Hill) who, despite not being allowed to carry a gun, is nevertheless back on duty in the field. Ever the eager beaver, he’s found a box cutter marked with an iris which shows the ownership of one of the dancers (that’s Iris Lanzer (Aleksa Palladino), one of the stars of the ballet).

So now the story forks. Watson goes off to see a homeless man who’s been arrested for creating a disturbance in the streets because he can’t find his friend. Holmes and Bell go off to interview the ex-boyfriend of the murder victim. He’s got an alibi so, in the hope of getting co-operation from Iris the difficult diva, Gregson and Bell call her in for interview. When she’s divaish and tells them she’s going off to Montreal, they arrest her — it was her box cutter and she has no alibi. Holmes registers his scepticism as to her guilt. Meanwhile Watson has verified that a man may actually be missing and so justifies the homeless one’s distress. She goes to see Bell about it.

Jon Michael Hill, Lucy Liu, Jonny Lee Miller and Aidan Quinn

Jon Michael Hill, Lucy Liu, Jonny Lee Miller and Aidan Quinn

The following day, the door to the front room opens and out comes Iris. Sherlock’s collection of professions is proceeding according to plan and he’s now convinced she’s innocent because she has an injury to her right shoulder which would have prevented her from lifting the body up into the flies above the stage. This leaves him looking at her attorney, the stalking paparazzi photographer, and anyone else who might have had the motive. Meanwhile Watson has found the missing man’s sister and evidence emerges that Iris was “seeing” the deceased. Yes, she not only swings both ways when she dances.

This would have been a fairly routine episode but for a surprising moment of sharing between Holmes and Watson in which she explained that her birth father is schizophrenic and lives on the streets. The family we’ve already met is a stepfather and stepsister (season 1, episode 10). In a way that not only explains her current volunteering at a homeless charity, but also her involvement in helping deadbeat addicts like Holmes. As a piece of acting, her “confession” worked well — it also gave Holmes a chance to “empathise” and that’s where I’m less certain the script rings wholly true. We’ve been watching Holmes become less self-absorbed and more aware of other people’s feelings as this season has progressed. It forms an ironic counterpoint to the sequence of women he apparently beds without getting in any way involved, that he can be influenced by and involved with the one woman he’s not sleeping with. If this had remained purely theoretical, I would have been seriously impressed. But I’m not convinced Holmes would modify his behaviour to physically go out into the park in winter to distribute some of his own clothes to the homeless. Despite this, Elementary; Corps de Ballet showed a determined Watson crack her case (albeit with some inadvertent help from Holmes with the identification of the cigarettes), the scriptwriters refused the coincidence of both cases being linked, and Holmes was able to acquire proof of the killer’s guilt (I confess to being slightly sceptical a judge would have given a blanket search warrant on mere suspicion but, hey, this is fiction). So this was another slightly better than average episode.

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  1. February 8, 2014 at 4:01 am

    I enjoyed this one. The whole thing with the blankets at the end might have been a bridge too far, but knowing that Holmes is a recovering addict, who is very well aware that if not for his father’s money, he too would be relying on the kindness of strangers, does give him some motivation.

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