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Elementary: Season 1, Episode 2. While You Were Sleeping (2012)

November 2, 2012 10 comments

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If someone has enough time and experience, it’s usually possible to come up with a really cool plot idea for the pilot episode so the network, in this case CBS, buys the series. The trick is then to find enough cool ideas to fill each of the episodes. Too often, we find the script writers have shot their bolt after the first two or three episodes and are running on fumes until the network pulls the plug. That’s why so many series are cancelled after ten or so episodes. There never was enough creativity to churn out episode after episode at the same high standard throughout. That’s one reason why the British series of Sherlock has been high quality. We’ve only had six episodes in two years. This stately progress allows time for the creative team to shift through all the script ideas and find some worth developing into ninety minute episodes. The fifty minute format preferred by the American networks eats up ideas at a superficial level, not allowing enough screen time to do anything more than state the problem and give the resolution.

Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn and Jonny Lee Miller prepare for battle

In Elementary, the second episode While You Were Sleeping does not allow us time to see our new pair getting to know each other a little better. In short order, Dr Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) is taking Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) to Anonymous meetings so he can hear how other addicts go through the rehabilitation process. He’s interfering in her life, inviting her ex-lover around for a drink and asking her why she gave up work as a surgeon. With a longer time available, this could have been an interesting mutual exploration, but the AA meetings are perfunctory, Watson’s put downs are pointed, and the first appearance of the violin is a transparent device. Worse, even though he’s a recovering drug addict, he’s given some incredibly stupid things to say about the way his brain attic fills up with junk. Why the couple at the pavement table and/or the serving staff don’t tell Sherlock his oil and water, glass half-full analogy is inane while calling in the police to arrest him is beyond me. The whole approach to the bonding exercise is rather mechanical. They have to go through some kind of ritualised circling activity so they may spiral together as a workable partnership. So that’s what they do.

I would have forgiven all this powerpoint approach to relationship building if the plot idea had been even halfway reasonable but, sadly, this is one of these spot-the-murderer challenges that never gets to first base. It’s obvious who the killer is and how it’s being done because neither Holmes nor Watson ask the obvious questions when given the chance. The fact neither asks inevitably communicates the means. The first sight of the one responsible immediately confirms the suspicion. Robert Doherty does his best to cover up the poverty of the idea with some business at the scene of the first crime. We also get to meet Detective Marcus Bell (Jon Michael Hill) who’s apparently going to be converted to a fan of Sherlock’s methods. But this plot relegates the episode to the spoil heap of trash. Despite the not unreasonable sting in the tail with the reason why the princess did not wake from her sleep after the prince had kissed the apple, it was tediously dull.

Having now seen both opening episodes, Elementary is falling between the usual two stools. It’s not building up a convincing relationship between the two leads and the production team is struggling to maintain the quality of the plot ideas. I’ll have a look at the next two or three but, after While You Were Sleeping, I’m not overly optimistic.

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