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Alphabetical Listing of Books K to Z

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Kaaberbøl, Lene and Friis, Agnete
Death of a Nightingale
Invisible Murder

Kadrey, Richard
Aloha From Hell
Devil Said Bang
Kill City Blues
Kill the Dead
Sandman Slim

Kane, Andrea
The Stranger You Know

Kaplan, Glenn
Poison Pill

Kashina, Anna
The Goddess of Dance

Kelleher, Pat
The Ironclad Prophecy

Kelly, Diane
Death, Taxes, and Extra-Strength Hold Hairspray
Death, Taxes and Mistletoe Mayhem

Kelly, Jim
The Funeral Owl

Kent, Winona
Persistence of Memory

Kerr, Katharine
Water to Burn

Kessler, Alan Steven
A Satan Carol

Khara, David
The Bleiberg Project

Kiernan, Caitlin R
The Ape’s Wife
Blood Oranges (written as Kathleen Tierney)
Confessions of a Five Chambered Heart
Cover design for Confessions of a Five Chambered Heart

King, Lisa
Vulture au Vin

Kinnings, Max

Klaus, Susan
Shark Fin Soup

Klima, John with Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas
Glitter & Mayhem

Kolega, Tom
Contra Alliance: Shadows of the Past

Koontz, Dean

Kowal, Mary Robinette
Glamour in Glass
Shades of Milk and Honey
Valour and Vanity
Without a Summer

Kent, Christobel
A Murder in Tuscany

Knopf, Chris
A Billion Ways to Die
Cries of the Lost
Dead Anyway
Ice Cap

Kress, Nancy
Steal Across the Sky
Yesterday’s Kin

Krikorian, Michael

Kuehn, Stephanie

La Plante, Lynda
Blind Fury
Blood Line

Lachlan, M D

Lake, Jay
Love in the Time of Metal and Flesh
The Sky That Wraps

Lake, Jay & Gevers, Nick
Other Earths

Langan, John
House of Windows
Mr. Gaunt and other uneasy encounters

Lansdale, Joe R.
Devil Red
Edge of Dark Water
The Thicket
Vanilla Ride

LaValle, Victor
Lucretia and the Kroons

Law, Janice
The Prisoner of the Riviera

Lawrence, Paul
The Sweet Smell of Decay

Lebbon, Tim
Alien: Out of the Shadows

Le Carré, John
A Delicate Truth

Leonard, Peter
Voices of the Dead

LePore, James
Gods and Fathers

Ligotti, Thomas
The Spectral Link

Lindholm, Megan
The Inheritance (authorship shared with Robin Hobb)

Liney, Peter
The Detainee

Liptak, Andrew and Gates, Jaym (editors)
War Stories

Littell, Robert
A Nasty Piece of Work

Little, Bentley
Indignities of the Flesh

Littlewood, Alison
A Cold Season

Locke, Attica
The Cutting Season

Locke, Kate
Long Live the Queen

Long, Nathan
Jane Carver of Waar
Swords of Waar

Lourey, Jess
December Dread
January Thaw
November Hunt
The Toad House Trilogy: Madmen

Lovegrove, James
Redlaw: Red Eye

Lumley, Brian
The Fly-By-Nights

Lynch, Sean
Wounded Prey

MacBride, Stuart
Dark Blood

McCammon, Robert
The Five
The Hunter From the Woods
The Providence Rider

McDevitt, Jack
Cryptic: The Best Short Fiction of Jack McDevitt
The Cassandra Project with Mike Resnick
The Devil’s Eye
Time Travelers Never Die

MacDonald, Tom
Beyond the Bridge

McFarland, Nora
Going to the Bad

McGuire, Seanan
Chimes at Midnight
Discount Armageddon
Half-off Ragnarok

McHugh, Maureen F
After the Apocalypse

McKillip, Patricia A
The Bards of the Bone Plain

McKinty, Adrian
The Cold Cold Ground
Falling Glass
I Hear the Sirens in the Street
In the Morning I’ll Be Gone
The Sun Is God

McLean, Margaret
Under Oath

Macleod, Ian R
Snodgrass and Other Illusions: The Best Short Stories of Ian R MacLeod

MacLeod, Ken
The Night Sessions
The Restoration Game

McMahon, Gary
Beyond Here Lies Nothing
The Concrete Grove
Dead Bad Things
Reaping the Dark
Silent Voices

Magary, Drew
The Postmortal

Magson, Adrian
Death on the Pont Noir

Maitland, Barry
Chelsea Mansions

Malzberg, Barry N
Beyond Apollo

Mann, George
The Executioner’s Heart

Marmell, Ari
In Thunder Forged
Strange New Words: Tales of Heroism and Horror

Marshall, W G

Martin, George R R
A Dance With Dragons

Martin, George R. R. & Dozois, Gardner
Old Mars
Songs of the Dying Earth: Stories in Honor of Jack Vance
Songs of Love and Death

Martinez, Michael J
The Daedalus Incident

Marusek, David
Getting To Know You
Mind Over Ship

Mason, Lisa
Strange Ladies

Massie, Elizabeth
Desper Hollow

Mattison, Booker T

Mayle, Peter
The Marseille Caper

Mieville, China
The City & the City

Miller, Carol
Murder and Moonshine

Molay, Frédérique
The 7th Woman
Crossing the Line

Monette, Sarah
The Bone Key Joint review with The Guild of Xenolinguists.
The Bone Key Stand-alone review.
A Companion to Wolves (with Elizabeth Bear)
Somewhere Beneath Those Waves
The Tempering of Men (with Elizabeth Bear)

Moody, Susan
A Final Reckoning

Moon, Elizabeth
Crown of Renewal
Kings of the North
Limits of Power
Moon Flights

Morris, Tee
Phoenix Rising (written as a team with Philippa Ballantine)

Mortimer, Jennifer

Mosley, Walter
All I Did Was Shoot My Man
Blonde Faith
The Gift of Fire and On the Head of the Pin
Jack Strong
Known To Evil
Little Green
The Long Fall
Merge and Disciple
When the Thrill Is Gone

Myers, Beverle Graves
Whispers of Vivaldi

Nakamura, Fuminori
The Thief or Suri

Narvaez, R
Roachkiller and Other Stories

Nesbø, Jo
The Bat
The Son

Nesser, Håkan
The Inspector and Silence or Kommissarien och tystnaden

Nethercott, Michael
The Séance Society

Neuhaus, Nele
Bad Wolf

Newton, Mark Charan
City of Ruin
Nights of Villjamur

Nickson, Chris
Fair and Tender Ladies

Norman, Michael
Skeleton Picnic

O’Connor, Andi

O’Malley, Daniel
The Rook

O’Shea, Dan

O’Sullivan, Kathryn
Murder on the Hoof

Oliver, Jonathan
House of Fear

Oliver, Reggie
The Dracula Papers Book 1: The Scholar’s Tale

Olshan, Joseph

Owen, Howard
Parker Field
The Philadelphia Quarry

Pajer, Bernadette
Capacity for Murder
The Edison Effect
Fatal Induction

Palumbo, Dennis
Fever Dream
Night Terrors
Phantom Limb

Palmer, Dexter
The Dream of Perpetual Motion

Palmer, Michael
Oath of Office

Parker, K J
Academic Exercises
Blue and Gold
Purple and Black

Parfitt, Troy
Why China Will Never Rule the World

Pastor, Ben
A Dark Song of Blood

Pearce, Michael
The Bride Box

Perry, Anne
Death on Blackheath

Pesaro, Luca
Zero Alternative

Piccirilli, Tom
What Makes You Die

Pinborough, Sarah
The Chosen Seed
A Matter of Blood
The Shadow of the Soul

Polansky, Daniel
Low Town

Posey, Jay
Morningside Fall

Potts, Sharon
The Devil’s Madonna

Powell, Gareth
The Recollection

Powers, Tim
The Drawing of the Dark
Hide Me Among the Graves
Nobody’s Home
Salvage and Demolition

Priest, Cherie
Bloodshot (The Cheshire Red Reports 1)
Hellbent (The Cheshire Red Reports 2)
The Inexplicables
Those Who Went Remain There Still

Priest, Christopher
The Adjacent

Pronzini, Bill

Pryor, Mark
The Blood Promise
The Bookseller
The Crypt Thief

Pugmire, W H
The Strange Dark One. Tales of Nyarlathotep

Putnam, David
The Disposables

Quinn, Spencer (pseudonym of Peter Abrahams)
The Sound an the Furry

Randisi, Robert J
The Way You Die Tonight
You Make Me Feel So Dead

Raphael, Lev
Rosedale the Vampyre

Reedy, Trent
Divided We Fall

Reich, Christopher
The Prince of Risk

Reichs, Kathy
Bones Never Lie
The Bones of the Lost
Flash and Bones

Resnick, Mike
The Cassandra Project with Jack McDevitt
Cat on a Cold Tin Roof
Dreamwish Beasts and Snarks
The Incarceration of Captain Nebula and Other Lost Futures
Stalking the Vampire
The Trojan Colt

Retzky, Allan
Vanished in the Dunes

Reynolds, Alastair
Blue Remembered Earth
Deep Navigation
The Six Directions of Space

Rhodes, Kate
A Killing of Angels

Ringo, John
To Sail a Darkling Sea

Robbins, Charles
The Accomplice

Roberson, Chris
The Dragon’s Nine Sons

Robertson, Michael
The Baker Street Translation

Robins, Lane
Kings and Assassins

Robinson, Thatcher
White Ginger

Robotham, Michael
Bleed For Me
Watching You

Rosen, Leonard
All Cry Chaos
The Tenth Witness

Rosen, Lev AC
All Men of Genius

Rosenbaum, Benjamin
The Ant King and Other Stories

Rosenfelt, David
Heart of a Killer

Rothfuss, Patrick
The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, Day 1)
Wise Man’s Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle, Day 2)

Rotstein, Robert
Corrupt Practices
Reckless Disregard

Rowson, Pauline
Death Surge
Shroud of Evil

Royle, Nicholas
First Novel: A Mystery

Rucker, Rudy
Jim and the Flims

Rusch, Kristine Kathryn
City of Ruins
A Dangerous Road (writing as Kris Nelscott)
Diving into the Wreck
Duplicate Effort
Recovering Apollo 8

Ryan, Hank Phillippi
The Wrong Girl

Saintcrow, Lilith
The Red Plague Affair

Samuels, Mark
The Man Who Collected Machen

Sanderson, Brandon
Alcatraz versus The Scrivener’s Bones
The Emperor’s Soul
The Hero of Ages
The Rithmatist
The Way of Kings
The Well of Ascension
The Words of Radiance

Satterfield, Jim
Saving Laura

Saulter, Stephanie

Scalzi, John
The Human Division
Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden’s Syndrome

Schenkel, Andrea Maria
The Murder Farm

Scholes, Ken

Schreiber, Joe
No Doors, No Windows

Schroeder, Karl
Ashes of Candesce

Scott, Julianna
The Holders

Sebold, Gaie
Babylon Steel

Shames, Terry
A Killing at Cotton Hill
The Last Death of Jack Harbin

Shayne, Maggie
Sleep With the Lights On
Wake to Darkness

Shean, Michael
Bone Wires
Shadow of a Dead Star

Sheehy, Patti
Stalked: The Boy Who Said No

Shepard, Lucius
Beautiful Blood
The Dragon Griaule
Louisiana Breakdown
The Taborin Scale
Two Trains Running
Vacancy and Ariel

Shiner, Lewis
Dark Tangos

Shirley, John
Bleak History
Borderlands: The Fallen
Doyle After Death
In Extremis: The Most Extreme Short Stories of
New Taboos
Resident Evil: Retribution

Silverberg, Robert
The Best of Robert Silverberg: Stories of Six Decades
Multiples (1983-87): The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume Six

Simmons, Dan
The Abominable
The Guiding Nose of Ulfant Banderoz
Muse of Fire

Simms, Chris
A Price to Pay

Sizemore, Jason

Sizemore, Jason and Johnson, Eugene
Appalachian Undead
Mountain Dead

Skillingstead, Jack
Are You There
Life on the Preservation

Slan, Joanna Campbell
Death of a Schoolgirl

Smith, Martin Cruz

Smith, Michael Marshall
Everything You Need
The Gist

Smylie, Mark
The Barrow

Snodgrass, Melinda (writing as Phillipa Bornikova)
Box Office Poison

Solana, Teresa
Crazy Tales of Blood and Guts
The Sound of One Hand Killing

Spann, Susan
Blade of the Samurai

Spindler, Erica
Justice for Sara

Sprunk, Jon
Blood and Iron

Stashower, Daniel
The Harry Houdini Mysteries: The Houdini Specter

Stebbins, Erec
The Ragnarök Conspiracy

Steele, Allen
Angel of Europa
Coyote Horizon
galaxy blues
V-S Day

Sterling, Bruce
Gothic High-Tech

Stirling, S. M.
The Council of Shadows
Shadows of the Falling Night
The Tears of the Sun

Strahan, Jonathan
Eclipse Two
Eclipse Three
Eclipse Four

Straley, John
Cold Storage, Alaska

Strieber, Whitley

Stross, Charles
The Apocalypse Codex
The Fuller Memorandum
Neptune’s Brood
The Revolution Business
Rule 34
The Trade of Queens

Stroud, Carsten
The Homecoming

Sullivan, Michael J
The Emerald Storm
Hollow World
Nyphron Rising
Theft of Swords

Swain, James
Dark Magic

Swanwick, Michael
Dancing With Bears

Swersky, Rachel
How the World Became Quiet

Tem, Steve Rasnic
Blood Kin

Temple, Peter
An Iron Rose

Terrell, Jaden
A Cup Full of Midnight
Racing the Devil
River of Glass

Tesh, Jane
Now You See It

Thomas, Jeffrey
Beautiful Hell
Blood Society
Blue War
Lost in Darkness
Red Cells
Thought Forms
Voices From Hades
Voices From Punktown
Worship the Night

Thomas, Jonathan
Tempting Providence

Thomas, Lynne M. with Klima, John and Michael Damian Thomas
Glitter & Mayhem

Thomas, Michael Damian with Klima, John and Thomas, Lynne M.
Glitter & Mayhem

Thomas, Paul
Death on Demand

Thomas, Sam
The Harlot’s Tale

Tidhar, Lavie
Apex Book of World SF Volume 3

Todd, Charles
A Bitter Truth
Hunting Shadows

Toole, F X
Million Dollar Baby

Torregrossa, Richard
Terminal Life

Tregillis, Ian
Bitter Seeds
The Coldest War
Necessary Evil
Something More Than Night

Tremayne, Peter
The Chalice of Blood

Trow, M J
Crimson Rose
Traitor’s Storm

Tursten, Helene
The Fire Dance

Tyler, L C
Herring on the Nile

Vachss, Andrew
Urban Renewal

Valente, Catherynne M.
The Habitation of the Blessed

Valtat, Jean-Christophe

Van Lustbader, Eric
Beloved Enemy
Father Night

Van Pelt, James
Flying in the Heart of the Lafayette Escadrille
The Radio Magician and Other Stories

Vance, Jack
This is me, Jack Vance

Vaughn, Carrie
After the Golden Age
Dreams of the Golden Age

Vinge, Vernor
The Children of the Sky

Vittachi, Nury
The Feng Shui Detective Goes West

Waggoner, Tim
The Last Mile
Night Terrors

Wagner, David P
Cold Tuscan Stone
Death in the Dolomites

Wahlberg, Karin
Death of a Carpet Dealer

Walker, Martin
The Crowded Grave

Warrick, Douglas F
Plow the Bones

Weber, David
Out of the Dark

Webb, Betty
The Llama of Death

Wells, William
Ride Away Home

Wendig, Chuck
The Cormorant
Unclean Spirits

Westerson, Jeri
Blood Lance

Whates, Ian
City of Light and Shadow

White, Lori Ann
Spiritual Growths

Wilhelm, Kate
Death of an Artist
Heaven Is High
A Wrongful Death

Williams, Liz
A Glass of Shadow
The Iron Khan
Precious Dragon
Shadow Pavilion

Williams, Sean
The Crooked Letter
The Devoured Earth

Williams, Tad
Diary of a Dragon
The Dirty Streets of Heaven

Williams, Walter Jon
Deep State
The Fourth Wall
The Green Leopard Plague
This Is Not a Game

Willis, Connie
The Best of Connie Willis

Willrich, Chris
The Silk Map

Wilson, Carter
The Boy in the Woods

Wilson, Elizabeth
The Girl in Berlin

Wilson, F. Paul
Aftershock & Others
By the Sword
The Dark at the End
Dark City
Fatal Error
Ground Zero
Secret Circles
Secret Histories
Secret Vengeance

Wilson, Robert Charles
Burning Paradise
Julian Comstock

Wishnia, Kenneth
23 Shades of Black

Wolf, Gary K
Typical Day

Wolfe, Gene
Home Fires
The Land Across

Wortham, Reavis Z
The Right Side of Wrong

Wynne, Douglas
Steel Breeze

Xiaolong, Qiu
Enigma of China

Yocum, Nathan L.
Automatic Woman

Yu, Ovidia
Aunty Lee’s Delights

Ziskin, James W
No Stone Unturned
Styx & Stone

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